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Manual EPROM Programmer cum Verifier

Published on Nov 30, 2023


The project named "Manual EPROM programmer cum VERIFIER is a useful device to program a Erasable programmable, Read only memory (which is previously erased). The data is the EPROM Via 8 switches which is provided with 50ms pulse as clock for address selection using CD4040. The main importance is that we can implement this type of project in our homes, offices with minimal installation for providing a aid to program - micro controller Ics.This circuit uses E-prom Ics 2764 ,timer IC555, CD4040 (12 bit binary counter). Programming is done in hexadecimal form.

The E-prom IC2764 is erasable programmable Ic of 8KB memory capacity. A 7805 positive voltage regulator IC is used to provide an uninterrupted power supply with steady output for programming and running of EPROM programmer and Display module. They produce 5V respectively. The output of the data bus and address bus are driven by 7segment LED through 7448 decoder IC. The moving message display is used to run the message in the defined manner choosey by the programmer. Character displays are in dot matrix form using 5x7 matrix arrangement of leds for displaying the message.

The SIPO (Serial in Parallel out) shift register is used to shift data to the next column. The manual EPROM programmer is used not only used for programming the EPROM Ic's but also for decoding and activating the display module. The alphabets are displayed in 5x7 matrix format. W e can display alphabets, numerals and certain characters.