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Magic lights

Published on Nov 30, 2023


Light emitting diodes (LED) are commonly used for indication. Light emitting diodes are used to make mufti-segment arrays, dancing lights etc.. LED's are of different types. Single colour, bi colour, tri colour LED, infrared LED etc. They can produce different consecutive colours with respect to its raw materials. Here the `magic lights' represented by bi colour triple leg LED which emits amber light. With the constructional capability of certain IC's (timer, counter and decoder) we get a magical dancing effect. Bi colour LED consists of three legs which one is common cathode and when positive voltage applied to another two terminals, different colour patterns are produced.

The project is found to be very useful for decorative purposes. The variation of emitting different colours was linear throughout the whole range. For a perfect magical dancing light affects the value of capacitors was changed which results a very good magical dancing effects. The semiconductor IC's with their high power handling capability was very convenient to use for a long time.