In this page, you can find Biotechnology Project Ideas and Biomedical Engineering and Technology Projects Abstract or Synopsis for Final Year BioMed Students for the year 2013 in PPT, PDF and Doc Format.  

Biotechnology Project Ideas

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Red Biotechnology

Red biotechnology refers to the utilization of different organisms to amend healthcare and medical processes. It is a branch of modern biotechnology which is used in medicine. Red biotechnology can be used in diagnostics for example screening the blood to test for HIV, gene therapy which is important to treat disorders that occur in the body by replacing the defected genes with healthy ones.......>>>>Read More


Effect of Mobile Phone Emissivity on Bacterial Cell Cultures

The objective is to study the effects of cell phone radiation on Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. All cellular phone networks worldwide utilize a portion of the radio frequency spectrum designated as Ultra High Frequency, or "UHF", for the transmission and reception of their signals. The UHF band is also shared with Television, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmission. .......>>>>Read More


High Precise Intravenous Injection Monitoring System

Patient monitoring is not a new in health care. The first primitive patient monitoring started with the work done by Santorio in 1625 that was measuring of body temperature and blood pressure. The development of new technology after World War 2 and up to today has developed a vast amount of different types of monitoring that can be done. The existing systems of patient monitoring are either for patient under critical trauma or patients who have undergone surgery........>>>>Read More


Automated Blood Vessel Segmentation of Retinal Images

Retinal Blood vessel morphology can be an important indicator for many diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and the measurement of geometrical changes in retinal veins and arteries and can be applied to a variety of clinical studies. Segmentation of the retinal blood vessels is an assistance to understand more about its morphology and will provide a better source of information .......>>>>Read More



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