Railway Accident Avoiding System


This project is developed for finding the faults in railway tracks to avoid unnecessary accident.

There are two units. One in the track and the other in the administrator's office . In the Office, a microcontroller kit is connected with a RF receiver. A LCD display is connected with the microcontroller kit.

In the track, a track sensing unit is connected with a RF transmitter. The track sensor senses the dislocation, cracks in the track. If anything occurs, the sensor sends signal to the driver section and thereby operates the RF transmitter.

In the administrator side, the RF receiver receives the signal through driver section, the signal is converted to digital signal and given to the microcontroller. According to the signal, the microcontroller sends signal to a LCD display to display the status of the track.

Thus the status of the track can be easily identified by the administrator. It uses PIC16F73 (28 pin Micro controller). The micro controller program is written in assembly language





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