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PMKVY Job Roles - Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council (THSC)

Published on Oct 08, 2021

PMKVY Job Roles - Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council (THSC)

Tourism & Hospitality is one of the most attractive industry in the country as it generates quick employment and entrepreneurial opportunities and contributes substantially to the growth of our economy and the expansion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The spurt in domestic tourism and steady growth in international tourist arrivals continues to highlight the role of Travel and Tourism industry as an important driver of growth in India’s growth story.

With a sustainable 9.5% contribution to the global GDP, Travel and Tourism is not only outpacing the wider economy but also growing faster than the significant sectors such as finance and business services, transport and manufacturing. (WTTC, 2014). It has the potential to be the single largest provider of employment where nearly 1 out of every 11 jobs in the world being supported by this industry. Tourism also greatly contributes to the earning of foreign exchange for the country and also has the distinction of being the lowest in the outflow of dollars i.e. only 10% pegged against its net earnings.

Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council ( THSC), is a Not-for-Profit Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The Council has been promoted by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Industry Members representing the sector, financially supported by NSDC. The Sector Skill Council is a national level organization with a Government-Industry interface and partnership with stakeholders from industry, labour as well as the academia. It fulfils its purpose essentially when the lead is taken by Industry stakeholders.

Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) which is formed 'By the Industry and For the Industry' to tackle the skilling of large manpower to fulfill the industry requirement plays a crucial role in bridging this ever-growing gap. THSC is mandated to create a robust and sustainable eco-system for skill development in the industry.

Courses Offered for Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skill Council


Role Description: Preparing and serving drinks at the bar and ensuring that the guest has good experience

Boat Jetty In-charge

Role Description: Arranging the materials requiredfor cruise liner or boat travel, managing the travel, receiving the guests, attending to their requests and ensuring a smooth on boarding process


Role Description: Management of food production operations, stock and staff in one section of the kitchen

Cleaner Carpet and Chair

Role Description: Removing dirt, grime and stains from carpets and chairs using special equipment, cleaning solutions and techniques as per company's policy.

Commi 1

Role Description: Preparation of basic food recipes and assisting Sous Chef or Chef-de-Partie in food preparation

Commis Chef

Role Description: Preparing base food items and assisting Commi 1 or Chef-de-Partie in food preparation

Dishwasher- Manual and Machine

Role Description: Washing and cleaning variety of tableware; serving dishes;cooking wares; cutlery and other items in the kitchen either mechanically or manually and also keeping the dish washing area clean

Food & Beverage Captain

Role Description: Managing inventory and staff in the customer service area and supervising food & beverage service operations.

Food & Beverage Service-Steward Level 4

Role Description: Efficiently and courteously serving food and beverage to guests of hotel, restaurant, canteens and banquet functions

Front Office Associate

Role Description: Receiving the guest, handling guest registration process, room allocation, attending to any guest requirements; performing cashiering process and handling guest accounts during stay

Guest House Caretaker

Role Description: Providing hospitality services to guests and performing the housekeeping duties

Home Delivery Boy

Role Description: Distributing food and beverage packages from restaurant to customers at their place in time by driving a personal or employee owned vehicle as per restaurant's policy

Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaning) Level 3

Role Description: Responsible for cleaning of a property including floors, glass surfaces, offices, restrooms, auditorium, lifts, utility rooms, canteen & pantry, and common areas (inside and outside the building) and keeping it neat and tidy.

Kitchen Steward

Role Description: Cleaning kitchen ware, dishware and equipment used in kitchen area; ensuring stocking of food and material for cooking and maintaining high standards of hygiene in cooking area

Laundry Machine Operator

Role Description: Tends machines that wash and dry manufactured articles or their components, such as rubber gloves, pen and mechanical pencil barrels and lens blanks: Dumps detergent into machine.

Meet & Greet Officer

Role Description: Identifies and prepares for work as per customer requirements, meets & greets the customer, transfers to required destination, resolves customer complaints and queries and settles bills.

Multi-cuisine Cook

Role Description: Multi-cuisine Cook is responsible for cooking variety of foods for consumers and arranging and managing food resources in the kitchen. The individual at work cooks foods of different types and typically of regional flavours. The job requires the individual to have good eye sight; knack for observational learning, attention to details, ability to work in typically hot and messy environment.

Pest Controller

Role Description: Identifying pest problem, selecting and applying chemical, manual or mechanical solutions to get rid of them as per company's policy

Restaurant-Counter Sale Executive

Role Description: Taking orders, getting it prepared and serving to customers, as per organizations policy

Room Attendant Level 4

Role Description: Keeping guest rooms and defined areas in clean and orderly condition

Sous Chef

Role Description: Helping Executive Chef in running the food production and kitchen service.

Street Food Vendor - Standalone

Role Description: Vending cooked or ready -to-eat food on mobile cart on streets

Tandoor Cook

Role Description: Making and maintaining the tandoor, i.e., brick or clay oven and baking Indian breads or roast chicken on it

Ticketing Consultant

Role Description: Interacting with the customers, understanding their purpose and mode of travel and any specific requirements, booking the tickets, handing over the tickets and providing travel advisory

Tour Guide

Role Description: Providing assistance and information to the tourist on all aspects of a tourism destination or spot

Trainee chef

Role Description: Preparing, cooking and maintaining the kitchen while working under the direction of the senior Chefs

Travel Consultant

Role Description: Interacting with the customers, understanding their requirements, planning and preparing the itenary, monitor the tour and achieve customer satisfaction

Travel Insurance Executive

Role Description: Interacting with the customers, understanding their travel type and the different forms of risks, collecting the required documentation, assisting in the process of insurance, coordinating with the insurance agents, handing over the insurance copy to the customer and achieving customers satisfaction

Visa Assistance Consultant

Role Description: Visa Assistant Consultant assists the customers on visa process and assist them in completion of theprocess. The individual at work is responsible for advicing and guiding the customers on preparing the required documentation and assisting them on the visa process. The person coordinates and maintains standard relationship with the consulate and embassy to finish the process smoothly. The job requires the individual to have: politeness, customer centric approach, behavioral ettiquttes, ability to work in sitting position for long hours and attention to details.

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