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Ayushman Bharat List of Hospitals - Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam

Published on Mar 04, 2023

Ayushman Bharat List of Hospitals - Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam

Ayushman Card or Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) will provide financial protection (Swasthya Suraksha) to 10.74 crore poor, deprived rural families and identified occupational categories of urban workers’ families as per the latest Socio-Economic Caste Census (SECC) data (approx. 50 crore beneficiaries). It will have offer a benefit cover of Rs. 500,000 per family per year (on a family floater basis).

PM-JAY will cover medical and hospitalization expenses for almost all secondary care and most of tertiary care procedures. PM-JAY has defined 1,350 medical packages covering surgery, medical and day care treatments including medicines, diagnostics and transport.

Under the ambit of Ayushman Bharat, a Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PM-JAY) to reduce the financial burden on poor and vulnerable groups arising out of catastrophic hospital episodes and ensure their access to quality health services was conceived. PM-JAY seeks to accelerate India’s progress towards achievement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Sustainable Development Goal - 3.

List of Hospitals - Guwahati, Kamrup, Assam

Hospital Name
Hospital Type
Hospital Address
Hospital E-Mail
Hospital Contact
1 GMC Cancer Hospital Public Narkasur Hilltop, Bhangagarh, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435015569
2 Hayat Hospital Private (For Profit) Kahilipara Road,Lalganesh, Odalbakra, guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 8011003128
3 Excelcare Hospitals Private (For Profit) N.H-37 Paschim Boragaon near Ganesh mandir, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9707122383
4 Swagat Superspeciality Surgical Institute Private (For Profit) Dinesh Goswami Path,Gate no-4,Maligaon, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9957922384
5 Ayursundra Superspeciality Hospital Private (For Profit) Ayursundra Health care Pvt Ltd, Ahomgaon, Garchuk, Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7002354607
6 GNRC Dispur Private (For Profit) Rukminigaon Dispur Secretariat, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435056506
7 GNRC Institute Of Medical Sciences, Amingaon Private (For Profit) Silagrant,Amingaon, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9954747897
8 KGMT Multispeciality Hospitals Private (Not for Profit) Mother Teresa Road,opp-Geetanagar police Station, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7035338537
9 Marwari Hospitals Private (Not for Profit) Sati Joymoti Road,Aathgaon, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435032554
10 Nemcare Hospital Private (For Profit) Bhangagarh , GS Road Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864015512
11 Dispur Polyclinic Hospitals Private (For Profit) Ganeshguri, Guwahati, Assam 781006, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7577013310
12 Aruna Memorial Hospital (P) Ltd Private (For Profit) Rajgarh Road Near Big bazaar, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435334955
13 Dr. B.A. Saikia Memorial Nursing Home Private (For Profit) Adabari, Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864506179
14 E.G. Nursing Home (P) Ltd. Private (For Profit) Tiniali, Guwahati-28, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 3612529655
15 Central Nursing Home Private (For Profit) Beltola,Near Survey Bus stop, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864024046
16 Apollo Hospital - Earlier International Hospital Private (For Profit) Lotus Tower, Christan Basti, Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7896005608
17 Arya Hospital Private (For Profit) AM Rd, Opposite Apsara Cinema, Manipuri Rajbari, Rehabari, Guwahati, Assam, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864058574
18 Sonapur district Hospital,Kamrup(M) Public KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435345485
19 Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Private (For Profit) Tularam Bafna, Civil Hospital complex, Amingoan Guwahati, Assam, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9086019581
20 Saint Johns Hospital Private (Not for Profit) GMC Hostel Rd, Christian Basti, Guwahati, Assam, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 8876341631
21 Dispur Hospitals Pvt Ltd Private (For Profit) Ganeshguri, Dispur, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 6900010210
22 North East Cancer Hospital And Research Institute Private (For Profit) 11th Mile, Jorabat, Guwahati-23, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7399025140
23 Health City Hospital, Guwahati (A Unit Of North East Health City Pvt. Ltd) Private (For Profit) Uday Nagar Opp. Bodoland Guest House, Khanapara, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 3617105000
24 Vision Hospital Private (For Profit) Aathgaon, A.T Road, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM jyotishwin@gmail -NA-
25 Aksi Advance Eye Centre Private (For Profit) G.S.Road,Opp-International Hospital ,Assam, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864045993
26 Disha Eye Clinic Private (For Profit) Hatigaon Main road, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864062947
27 Guwahati Eye Clinic & R/ Centre Private (For Profit) G.S Road, Ulubari, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9957998191
28 Sight First Eye Clinic Private (For Profit) Rajgarh Road, Bhangagara, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7576810370
29 Asg Eye Care Private (For Profit) Near Pantaloon Downtown,G.S Road, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7670006906
30 Guwahati Eye Centre Private (For Profit) Rajgarh,Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9954747897
31 Guwahti Lions Eye Hospital Private (Not for Profit) Satribari ,K.C Road., KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7086012104
32 Eye Doctor Hospital Private (For Profit) G.S Road near ABC bus Stop, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 8876518735
33 Jorhat Lions Eye Hospital Private (Not for Profit) MG ROAD, NA-ALI, JORHAT, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9706261599
34 Pragjyoti Eye Care Private (For Profit) hatigaon chariali near HDFC branch, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435543910
35 Midland Hospital & Research Centre (P) Ltd Private (For Profit) Near Guwahati Zoo, Ghy-5, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864053693
36 Wintrobe Hospital Private (For Profit) Ambari, Guwahati-1, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9854054500
37 Kalicharan Das Nursing Home & Polyclinic Private (For Profit) Gopinath Nagar,Lokhara Road,Kalapahar, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9706761575
38 Nightingale Hospital Private (For Profit) Near Dispur College, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9706543672
39 Sun Valley Hospitals Private (For Profit) Mathura Nagar Near Pantaloons, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9101782644
40 Pratiksha Hospital Private (For Profit) VIP Road Six Mile, Borbari, Guwahati, Assam, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9954093556
41 Advance Neuro Science Hospital Private (For Profit) Kahilipara Road,Lalganesh, Odalbakra, guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 8011011336
42 Barthakur Clinic Pvt Ltd Private (For Profit) Kharguli,Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM & 7002442835
43 Critical Care Hospital & Research Institute Private (For Profit) NH-37,Lokhora near Central Jail, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 8752069427
44 H. M. Hospital & Research Pvt Ltd Private (For Profit) Hatigaon, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435149056
45 Gate Hospital Private (For Profit) Mathgharia Tiniali, Zoo Narengi Road, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9707663860
46 I Care Diagnaostic & Doctors Hub Private (Not for Profit) Dharapur Chariali, Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9707769419
47 Medicare Diaganostic Hospitals Private (For Profit) LGB Avenue,near Circuit House Assam, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 6000164619
48 Satribari Christian Hospital Private (Not for Profit) Satribari ,K.C Road., KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864088219
49 Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya Private (Not for Profit) Basistha road, Beltola, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 3612233444
50 Pragjyoti Netralaya Private (For Profit) Adabari, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435040497
51 Rangia Poly Clinic & Nursing Home Private (For Profit) Rangia bhawan road, rangia ward no.5, kamrup, Assam-, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435107443
52 Agile Hospital Pvt. Ltd Private (For Profit) Jayanagar Chariali, Khanapara, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 8876506914
53 Downtown Hospital Private (For Profit) G.S Road Guwahati 781006, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864101111
54 Mahendra Mohan Chaudhary hospital Public Panbazar, guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9864851579
55 Kumar Nursing Home Private (For Profit) KRC Road, Kumar Para, Kamrup Metro, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 7002019996
56 The Eye Care Centre Private (For Profit) Hedayet Pur, Kamrup Metro, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9435141624
57 Central Hospital, NF Railway Public Maligaon, Guwahati, KAMRUP METRO, ASSAM 9957550514
58 Gauahati Medical College Public Narkasur Hilltop, Bhangagarh, KAMRUP, ASSAM 9435012435
59 Dr B Borooah Cancer Institute Public 88, AK Azad Rd, Bishnu Rabha Nagar, Ulubari, KAMRUP, ASSAM 9707082533
60 Tularam Bafna Civil Hospital Public KAMRUP, ASSAM 8638162827
61 Bids-Dr K.N Barua Institute Of Dermatological Sciences Private (For Profit) Roodraksh Building,Big Bazar,Bhangagarh, KAMRUP, ASSAM 9435104199
62 Boko Polyclinic & R/ Centre Private (For Profit) Jyoti Nagar, Boko, Kamrup, KAMRUP, ASSAM 9707694940
63 Swasti Hospital Private (For Profit) Society Chowk, NH-31, Rangia, KAMRUP, ASSAM; 9971411991
64 Sparsh Hospital Private (For Profit) Santiram lahakar path, Near Rangia railway station, KAMRUP, ASSAM 9859978787

Eligibility for Ayushman Bharat Scheme

Rural area categories

1. Households living in only one room with kucha walls and kucha roof.

2. Households with no adult member between age 16 to 59

3. Female headed households with no adult male member between age 16 to 59

4. Households having at least one disabled member and no able-bodied adult member

5. SC/ST households

6. Landless households deriving major part of their income from manual casual labour

7. Households without shelter

8. Destitute/ living on alms

9. Manual scavenger families

10. Primitive tribal groups

11. Legally released bonded labour

Urban area categories:

• Beggars;

• Rag-pickers;

• Domestic workers;

• Street vendors/cobblers/hawkers/other service providers working on the streets;

• Construction workers/ plumbers/ masons/ labor/ painters/ welders/ security guards/coolies and other head-load workers;

• Sweepers/ sanitation workers/ malis;

• Home-based workers/ artisans/handicrafts workers/ tailors;

• Transport workers/ drivers/ conductors/helpers to drivers and conductors/cart pullers/ rickshaw pullers;

• Shop workers/ assistants/ peons in small establishments/ helpers/ delivery assistants / attendants/ waiters;

• Electricians/ mechanics/ assemblers/repair workers;

• Washer-men/ chowkidars;

• Other work/non-work ;

• Non-work (pension/ rent/ interest, etc.) .

Hospital Eligibility

Services under the scheme can be availed at all public hospitals and empaneled private health care facilities. Also, the basic empanelment criteria allows empanelment of a hospital with a minimum of 10 beds, with the flexibility providprovided to states to further relax this if required. Empanelment of the hospitals under AB-NHPM will be conducted through an online portal by the state government. Information about empaneled hospitals will be made available through different means such as government websites and mobile apps. Beneficiaries can also call the helpline number at 14555.

To control costs, the payments for treatment will be done on package rate (to be defined by the Government in advance) basis. However, hospitals with NABH/NQAS accreditation can be incentivised for higher package rates subject to procedure and costing guidelines.

How to Search Online

For the list of Hospitals, Kindly click the below link and Type as follows.


1. Select State

2. Select District

3. Select Hospital Type - Public, Private (Not for Profit) or Private(For Profit)

4. Select Speciality - General Medicine, Paediatric medical management, Neo-natal, Paediatric cancer, Emergency Room Packages, etc ......

5. Enter Captcha as shown

6. Lastly Enter Search.

Now you will get the list of Hospitals which is covered by Ayushman Bharat.

Screen Shot is attached below.

Hospital Address

The Result is given below.

Hospital Name

Benefits of PM-JAY

Beneficiary Level

1. Government provides health insurance cover of up to Rs. 5,00,000 per family per year.

2. More than 10.74 crore poor and vulnerable families (approximately 50 crore beneficiaries) covered across the country.

3. All families listed in the SECC database as per defined criteria will be covered. No cap on family size and age of members.

4. Priority to girl child, women and and senior citizens.

5. Free treatment available at all public and empaneled private hospitals in times of need.

6. Covers secondary and tertiary care hospitalization.

7. 1,350 medical packages covering surgery, medical and day care treatments, cost of medicines and diagnostics.

8. All pre-existing diseases covered. Hospitals cannot deny treatment.

9. Cashless and paperless access to quality health care services.

10. Hospitals will not be allowed to charge any additional money from beneficiaries for the treatment.

11. Eligible beneificiares can avail services across India, offering benefit of national portability. Can reach out for information, assistance, complaints and grievances to a 24X7 helpline number - 14555

How to Check Eligibility

1. Go to NHA portal and Log in to

2. Enter your mobile number and captcha code.

3. A one-time password will be sent to your mobile number.

4. After entering the OTP, you will be taken to this screen.

5. Select the state: Fill all the fields like name, mobile number, ration card number, or Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojna URN number.

6. If your name is there in the list, it will show up on the right-hand side of the page.

7. Click on 'Family Members' tab to find the beneficiary details

Required Documents

• Respective special category certificates

• Age proof documents

• Family structure

• Identification details

• Contact information

• Scanned copy of Aadhar

• Income certificate

• Caste certificate