Virtual Router

The project entitled "Virtual Router" is a software simulation of ordinary hardware Router. A Router is a device that forwards packets along networks. They are located at the gateways, where different networks are connected. Virtual router is an emulation of physical router at the software and hardware level. It is software emulating those functionalities of a hardware router. It connects two or more IP networks or an IP network to an internet connection.
Virtual router is a software that offers a broad array of resources and services such as administration of network, configuration of router, both static and dynamic Routing, congestion control*, with high level (Linux level) of security. Of course this is software for providing route the packets in the different LANs. "Virtual Router" is developed in simple C language on Linux platform.
This project provides maximum assistance to those in need of any Routing information. It provides several services to authorized user (administrator). There are mainly three modes of operation for ordinary Router - User mode , configuration mode and Enable mode. user mode - provides several facilities to login logout , exit etc, configuration mode provides for configure the router ,assigning host name, port configuration., IP address setting ,make port up/down , route table setting for static routing etc Enable mode provides to store the parameters which has been set by configure mode also make Router to up/down.


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