Two DOF Robotic Arm Manipulator


The project deals with the design and simulation of a 2 DOF robotic arm manipulator. The trajectory and number of degrees of freedom are selected according to the application or type of work to be done. Then the system is modelled taking into consideration, the stability requirements and equilibrium of force and torque. Then the dynamic equations are obtained.
The equations being non-linear lead to various methods of further design and simulation. One of the schemes of control is selected and various compensation techniques are analyzed, in case external disturbances may occur. In our project, we used computed torque control and PID compensation. Also, force control, in cases of contact-type works, is implemented. Then the system is simulated. Here, again, we have various choices like fuzzy logic, neural networks, etc, from which we chose to do our simulation in Matlab using the control system toolbox.
Our device has numerous applications in home, industry, medical field, military, etc.



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