The Warhummer: Design of a Sumo Wrestling Robot

This paper describes the design of an autonomous sumo wrestling robot, the Warhummer. The robot is controlled by a Basic Stamp II microcontroller. The main sensors include ultrasonic transducers for locating and trackhrg i~n opponent, optical sensors
for detecting the rink perimeter, and mechanical sensors for detecting contact with the opponent. The robot is mounted on four wheels and is capable of rotating on the spot. Using state machine logic, the robot is capable of locating, and advancing towards the
opponent while continuously adjusting its course in order to intercept the opponent. Once contact iis made, the Warhummer will attempt to push the opponent out of the rink. This robot was designed to compete in the 1996 Western Canadian Robot Games, two front corners of the vehicle. Both transmitters are driven by a single 40 kHz oscillator based on a CMOS 555 timer IC, Every millisecond the Stamp commands the oscillator to send a tone for 50 milliseconds (a ping). Each receiver is focused to receiwe the reflected tone from their respective transmitters at either corner of the Warhummer. The receiver is connected to a CA5 160 CMOS operational amplifier used as a signal booster with a gain of 100. The output of the amplifier is coupled to an LM567 tone decoder used to detect the 40kHz tone from the op-amp. The 567 IC has an active low output.


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