Telephone Controlled Switch

Telephone Controlled Switch implies control of devices at a remote location via circuit interfaced to the remote telephone line/device by dialing specific DTMF (dual tune multi frequency) digits from a local telephone. Using this system the user can access any load from a remote location. Each load will be given a code number. All he has to do is dial the corresponding code through a local phone.This system can selectively turn on or off multiple loads one at a time or switch off all the loads simultaneously. It also provides you feedback when the circuit is in energized state and also sends an acknowledgement indicating action with respect to the switching on of each load and switching off of all loads (together). This is a micro controller aided system where a ring detector, auto lifter and DTMF decoder work together to place a call and a relay driver connects the required load. This makes the task of the various operators easy as they can sit anywhere and control the status of the various loads.



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