Robotic Automotive Remote Surveillance

The main aim of our project, Robotic Automotive Remote Surveillance, is to conceptualize and create a high - tech remote controlled robotic vehicle specially designed keeping in mind the vast need for such advanced equipment for a wide variety of surveillance, reconnaissance and strategic operations catering to both civil and military fields with equal alacrity. The robotic vehicle is fitted with 2.4 Ghz CMOS camera equipped to operate over a 1GHz frequency range. An inbuilt RF transmitter in the camera enables the controller to monitor and maneuver the vehicle from up to distance of 100 meters. The vehicle can be operated using a dedicated control transmitter, which in this case, shall be a four-way relay control using a PC keyboard. The RF signal used for remote control can traverse through walls and partitions. The basic paraphernalia includes control transmitter for four wheel Robot vehicle and 2.4GHz wireless camera and a wide band 2.4GHz receiver.The control position is determined by the MCU. The data is encoded with a addressable transmitter. A whip antenna is used to transmit the control signal. The other antenna is used to receive 2.4 GHz video signals,which is decoded and gives A/V out put, which can feed directly to any TV, or in this case, viewed directly on the PC monitor.At the vehicle side, the transmitted RF data signal is fed to a dedicated data decoder. The address of this section is set to match with the transmitter. The data is fed to a MCU 89C2051, which controls all the functions of the vehicle. Two output ports is connected to a dc-geared motor.



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