Remote Window Manager

Remote Window Manager System is a network-based application that utilizes the power and features of java, which can satisfy the requirements for the LAN. Sun's Java Development kit2 provides all the tools needed to meet the requirements of the project. The wide acceptance of java's socket programming features provides excellent networking applications. It is the development of software for communication between the server and the client system. For the purpose of simplification of the implementation and for the easy maintenance of the proposed system, the project is divided into two modules, the client and the server.The server is given the absolute control of the entire network in which the server can view the currently active programs. The server has also the authority to restrict the user from accessing the system. If necessary, there is also provision for the server to shutdown, restart and logoff a particular client. Here TCP/IP protocol is used which is a reliable, connection-oriented point-to-point communication channel. Proposed system facilities chatting between the clients in addition to the chatting between the client and the server. These also support utilities such as broadcasting messages to all client systems connected in the network, Hide/Show the client agent at the client side. The remote name and the resource connected to each client system can be accessed with ease from the server name list. The server can also send individual messages to the client and vice versa. Screen capture from a client and also can save the captured screen and manage window.



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