Remote Status Updating System

Remote status updating system (ReStUS) is a system by which user can send data to the server placed away. User can check the status of the system data base using the GSM technology. The data base will update frequently by receiving the data from the user. The server will automatically send the current status and the data required for the user by checking the data base. In short Remote status updating system means updating the status from a distant place. The data send by the subscriber is in the form of SMS (Short message service). The SMS must be in a specific format (QN S, where N is the number of seats required and S denotes the show number) as prescribed by the designer. User can send request and receive the acknowledgement. If the user violated the specific format then the server automatically detects that error and it will send an error report to the user. For the correct request the system compares the data send by the subscriber and the data base which is loaded by the provider or automatically stored by the data send by previous users. After comparing data with data base server send data in a specific format in the form of SMS. For this ReStUS uses the GSM technology.


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