Radar Data Acquisition System

In the RADAR data acquisition system, the data from the COTAL RADAR is processed by 8085 microprocessor and the processed data is first sent to the RADAR control room ,from there it is also transferred to main control room by means of a MODEM at a baud rate of 9600bps ,the coded data is decoded by INTEL's microcontroller 8051 .The microcontroller kit is equipped with a serial data transmission/receiver system . The RS 232 format is converted in to TTL format by RS232 converter IC's.The data acquisition program resides on the EPROM of the trainer kit. The data regarding the RANGE,AZIMUTH,ELEVATION & QUALITY information are separated and fed to the DISPLAY system via peripheral I\O interface IC 8255 .The QUALITY information are taken from port 0 of 8051 directly and by using an interface circuit the mode of operation (auto/manual) and quality of received data are displayed.


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