RFID based Security Access Control System

Microcontrollers are not as well known to the general public, or to many in the technical community. Microcontrollers and Microprocessors stem from the same basic idea that are made by the same people and are sold to the same type of system designers and programmers. Microprocessor is a general purpose digital computer central processing unit (CPU). But the Microcontroller is a true computer on a chip, that is, a single chip computer.
Microcontroller is a general purpose device, but one that is meant to read data, perform limited calculations. That is, because the amount of memory and interfaces that can fit on a single chip is limited, microcontrollers tend to be used in smaller systems that require little more than the microcontroller and a few support components. The prime use of the microcontroller is to control the operation of a fixed program that is stored, in ROM and that does not change over the lifetime of the system.



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