Java Media Manager

The need for different media players for playing different files of different formats is a haunting task. All formats cannot be supported in a single media player. Hence, more than one single media player is required to playback the required files. The need for media format conversion arises here.If a media format converter is available which can convert different formats to a common format or to a format which can be supported by commonly available players, then it would be convenient for the user to deal with files of different formats. A converter is thus required to convert the files to a common format such as .avi etc so that it is supported by almost all commonly available players. Formats like .mov, .dat etc requires special players for playback while if it is converted to the avi format, then a single player would be sufficient. Here comes the role of Java Media Manager.Java Media Manager is a java based media management tool. This is a stand-alone java application that uses pure java technique to play media files (Audio & Video), transcode (format conversion) media files into different formats, and capture live webcam video to file system.The Java Media Manager (here after referred as JMM) provides a GUI interface which integrates Audio Player, Video Player, Audio Format Converter, Video Format Converter & Webcam Capture Tool to a single application.



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