Alarm Annunciator with Real Time Event Recorder

The basic function of an alarm annunciator scheme is to provide in the control room, visible and audible indication of the fault condition. Each window indicates a fault. There is a bulb/LED inside each window. On the occurrence of a fault, initiation is through contacts on the protective relay or on a moving member of the equipment under surveillance. It causes a lamp to flash and alarm to ring. When the control engineer acknowledges the alarm by pressing an ACCEPT push button, the alarm is silenced and the lamp become steadily lit. After the fault clearance, control engineer resets the alarm circuit by pressing RESET push button and the lamp is extinguished. The event of fault recording is by manual means.The faults at the beginning itself can be rectified immediately without allowing the little faults to make bigger consequences. So our project entitled "Alarm Annunciator with Real Time Event Recorder" provides a better and effective monitoring of the faults. In addition, it gives visual indication in the LCD which line is faulty. Since it is interfacing with the PC, events can be saved as a file.


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