A Two Wheeled Robot Control System

The purpose of this project was to design, build and test a control system that controls two motors for a two wheeled robot. By implementing the control system, the robot will maintain a straight path under normal conditions. Without such a control system, the robot's path would deviate from the specified direction. To implement the control system for the robot a two wheeled platform was built. Each wheel was interfaced to a microcontroller where the microcontroller performed a controlling routine stored in software. By implementing this design the robot is able to correct for deviations. The independent type has a motor attached to each drive wheel which are mounted opposite of one another. The two adjacent sides have supportcasters attached to them to provide balance. The independent type allows for pivoting while in a stationary position by spinning each wheel in opposite directions. Depending on the direction of wheel rotation, the robot can pivot counter-clockwise or clockwise. To move forward and reverse, the wheels spin in the same direction where the direction of spin determines forward or reverse movement.This type of robot can also turn about one wheel without the need for forward or reverse movement. This can be accomplished by spinning one wheel and not the other. Depending on the direction of rotation of the wheel, the robot will turn about the stationary



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