A Microwave Beacon Radar Svstem

The system described herein uses microwavebeacon radar technology to locate an object and to display its position on a computer terminal. The moving object is equipped with a small portable transmitter. Two parabolic dish antennas triangulate on the exact location of the transmitter. The incoming signal is processed to determine the direction of maximum power, and the object's position is displayed on a screen. The advantages of using high frequency microwaves are more precise detection and smaller probabilities of signal jamming. Applications include the surveillance of laboratory animals during experimentation and the possibility of one-way communication with robots. The overall system consists of four main blocks: the transmitter, the detection system, the motor control system, and the display system. By implementing nonstationary antennas, the range of the system is doubled. The basic characteristics of radar and the design equations for microwave communications are discussed. Several conclusions based on the performance of the operational system and recommendations for future work are also given.



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