Youtube on Xbox Keeps Signing Out : Xbox Friends List Not Working

Youtube on Xbox Keeps Signing Out : Xbox Friends List Not Working

Are you still having this issue? I know that I fix it by signing into the app, immediately signing back out of the app, uninstalling the app, hard restarting the console (turn off, unplug power for 30 seconds, plug back in, turn on), check for and install any updates, reinstall the app, then sign back into the app. Pretty much delete all, hard reset, then reinstall.


If your internet is unreliable, that can cause your Xbox to randomly boot you from stuff as well because everything on the Xbox is routed through Microsoft services at least partially.

You can pull up on your phone and Edge on the Xbox then run the test and compare results. High ping can cause the connection to timeout or be unstable. Low download can cause long load/buffer times. Low upload can cause same as high ping or just drop the attempted connection.

Youtube on Xbox Keeps Signing Out :

Firmware update pending – Microsoft has apparently been working on a solution to this problem since the middle of 2019. While the issue has not been resolved for all users despite two firmware updates, its breadth has been greatly reduced. As such, if you haven’t already, make sure the most recent firmware update for your console has been installed.

Remember that some wrongly cached data from the Youtube app are being stored on your machine, which can cause this problem. The only way to get rid of the temporary data and fix the issue is to force a hard reset of the console.

The YouTube app’s installation can become corrupted if there’s a discrepancy during setup, which is a problem that can arise in rare cases. A reinstallation of the YouTube app, followed by a thorough wiping of all its associated data, should resolve the problem.

The connection to YouTube’s servers may become unreliable or time out altogether if not sufficient bandwidth is available. If this is your situation, upgrading to a higher-bandwidth connection should eliminate the disconnections.

The Unreliability of Apps – Using YouTube through the Edge browser integration is preferred by many users as a reliable solution due to the app’s poor reputation for reliability. In addition to being much more steady, you also get to work with a mouse and keyboard.

Problems with the YouTube app’s stability can be traced back to a corrupted Xbox Profile. Several customers who had been experiencing the same issue reported that the issue was fixed once they deleted their Xbox profile and redownloaded it.

Sometimes, the persistent cache that your Xbox system keeps can get corrupted, causing this problem. Under this scenario, deleting the persistent cache in Xbox Settings should resolve the issue.

Some afflicted users have also reported success in resolving this issue by checking for and removing any conflicts in the system’s cookie and cache folders, which may be related to the collection of installed applications. You can solve the problem by resetting the console without affecting any of the installed software or games.


Inconsistency with the Microsoft account linked to the Xbox Console — Our investigation into this issue has revealed that this could be the cause of the problem. The problem has been fixed for a number of customers by resetting their Microsoft Account password, which in turn requires your console to authenticate.

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