Activate and Login Account : How to activate your Reward Card Activate and Login Account : How to activate your Reward Card

Activate your Reward Card using the “Activate Card” tab above. You can enter the last four digits of your phone number as the activation code. You can also call Customer Care to have your Card activated over the phone. You will need to provide your card number, expiration date, and security code located on the back of your card.

Getting Started with your Reward Card

Manage Card


Once you activate your Card, you can sign in to view your balance and card activity, and change Card PIN.

Using your Card

Use your Card to pay for gas, online shopping, bill payments, and more. Accepted at locations everywhere Debit Mastercard and Visa debit cards are accepted.

https // Login: Claimant Self Service Logon

How do I activate my Reward Card?

If you received your card from House Calls or your card begins with 434340 or 538723, please call 1-833-634-3155 to activate your Reward Card.

To activate all other Cards, please call 1-844-560-2893.

How do I use my Reward Card?

Simply present the card at the time of payment, and sign the receipt. If you wish to use your card for a debit transaction, you will need to select a PIN of your choice for your card. See below to learn more about selecting your PIN. As you use your Reward Card, the balance will be reduced by the full amount of each purchase including taxes, charges and other fees, if any.
The Reward Card can be used to pay the full amount of the purchase and applicable taxes, so long as the balance remaining on the card is sufficient. If you need to make a purchase that is greater than the amount on your card, most retailers will allow you to use a second payment method – cash, check, credit card or debit card – for the difference.
Not all merchants accept split transactions and some merchants may require that you pay for the remaining balance with cash. Be sure to check with the merchant.

Where can I use my Reward Card?

You can use your Reward Card everywhere Mastercard and Visa are accepted, including mail order, online, telephone and point of sale retail merchants. Some exceptions may apply.

How do I check the balance on my Reward Card?

To check your balance, sign in or call Customer Care anytime. You should know your card balance before you shop, as merchants cannot determine the balance on your card. If you try to purchase an item of greater value than your card balance, your card will be declined.


  1. Hello, yes i have a question. Is there a monthly rotating amount that is automatically entered with my reward card? If so what is the amount? Thank you.

  2. Amazon no longer accepts Reward cards for payment. I would not have purchased this card in the first place had I know that.

  3. What’s the story? I am told to activate my card either call 1-833-634-3155 -did that; was told to enter certain numbers following certain numbers and none of the numbers to follow were on my card, so could not enter any numbers. THEN I tried to activate on-line at “ Activate” and I was told to click the “activate card” tab above AND there is NO such tab above or below or beside. Is this card just another SCAM of some sort??????

  4. What’s wrong with this site? “A system error has occurred” almost all time when trying check my card. Wtf fix this

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