www.vystarcu.org Login Account : Online & Mobile Banking | VyStar Credit Union

www.vystarcu.org Login Account : Online & Mobile Banking | VyStar Credit Union

To login into Vystar Credit Union Account, go to https://online.vystarcu.org/ and enter your Username and Password if you have done the enrolling. Other you have to enroll in Online banking.

How to Join VyStar

It only takes a few moments to open an account online with as little as five dollars. Learn more about what you’ll need to apply online or in branch today.

You can apply for VyStar membership online, at a branch or by mail.

Who Can Join

VyStar membership is open to everyone who lives or works in the 49 contiguous counties of Central to North Florida, 29 Georgia counties, and past and present military members and their families all over the world.

VyStar Credit Union

How to Set Up Online & Mobile Banking:

1. Navigate to the login page or open the VyStar Mobile app.

2. Select Enroll in Online Banking.

3. Fill out your Member Information.
*You’ll need your Member Number, Social Security Number/Tax ID, Savings Account and Zip Code.

4. Accept terms and Continue.

5. Create a new username and password.

6. Verify Identity with a one-time passcode and Go to Dashboard.

7. Mobile app users will also be prompted to set up Biometrics (fingerprint & facial recognition).

Why should I set up Biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition)? 

1. Biometrics offer a number of security benefits to help ensure your private information is not compromised:

    • High security and assurance
    • Convenient and fast
    • Non-transferrable – exclusive to only you

2. If you’ve previously used biometrics to log in to the VyStar app, you will need to set up your credentials again for the new app.

Accounts Dashboard

The focus will always be simplicity. Quickly view and access your accounts in one place and manage your finances with ease. It’s the perfect recipe for better financial decision making.

What’s new:
  • Simplified account listing with account-specific quick actions
  • Ability to add Nicknames directly from the Account Dashboard
  • More intuitive navigation

Account Details

Get the information you need when and how you want it. With the new Account Details you’ll notice:

  • Simplified Account Details – making it easy to locate account numbers, interest rates, interest earned and more
  • Enhanced Pending Transaction Views – quickly see which transactions are pending
  • Merchant Logos and Simplified Descriptions – making descriptions easier to read and even easier to identify
  • Transaction Search – Quickly find specific transactions
  • New Mobile Features – Show or hide Account Details and download/export transactions

How will business accounts be impacted?

  • For Secondary Users (Entitled Users) registered on your account, you will need to re-enroll them after the new Online & Mobile Banking experience goes live.
  • You can connect your VyStar accounts to Intuit Express Web Connect services like Intuit MintQuickbooks Online, and Quicken.
  • Connecting to Intuit Web Connect lets you download your transaction history from Online & Mobile Banking.
  • You must deactivate and then reactivate your connection to Quicken or Quickbooks to access your files.

Which Account services will require me to re-establish?

  • Secondary Users (Entitled Users)
  • VyStar Alerts
  • Nicknames – Simply re-assign nicknames to the accounts of your choice.