www.releasepay.com Activate Card : Release Pay Balance Check and Login to Pay the Bill

www.releasepay.com Activate Card: Release Pay Balance Check and Login to Pay the Bill

You can use your card wherever MasterCard Debit is accepted. Register your card online to make online, phone or mail-order purchases. Online Registration will ensure the security of your funds.

Please visit the URL on the back of your card for additional protection and benefits such as: Mobile Alerts, 24/7 Transaction Monitoring, Fraud Protection.

How to Activate your ReleasePay card Online

1. Visit the page https://releasepay.com/activate-card/

2. Enter your Card Number, Card Expiration Month

3. Then Enter your PIN and New PIN

4. Now Click the Submit Button

5. The Card will be Activated in Due time.


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How do I set a PIN for my new card?

You can call the number on the back of your card to reset your PIN at any time. Your Temporary PIN is provided at time of issuance. Your PIN is the access code for all pinned point-of-sale purchases.

Do I use my card as credit or debit?

You can use your new card as either credit or debit for your transactions. Credit uses your signature on the receipt, while debit uses your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to verify the transaction. Running your card as Credit will give you coverage under MasterCard’s zero liability policy.

How to Avoid Fees

  • Know your balance and check your balance online, through the app, or call before using an ATM or making a purchase.

  • For best success, run your card as credit to avoid potential fees.

  • Use cash advance to remove your entire card balance at no charge by visiting any MasterCard® principal financial institution.

  • You can run your card as debit when you make a transaction and ask for cash back.

  • Utilize the direct deposit transfer service to send funds from your card to your bank account.

  • Check your balance online or through customer service before using an ATM to avoid a decline fee.

  • If your card is rejected at an ATM, never attempt over and over again. Some ATM providers impose a fee even for declined transactions. The card provider also imposes a fee for declined transactions.

  • Watch gratuity as some merchants may authorize your card up to 25% more than the transaction to allow for gratuity, which can cause declined transactions and incur a decline fee.

  • Update your temporary PIN before use. Do this by calling 877-287-2448.

  • To avoid maintenance fees, use your card in a timely manner. See fee table for details.

  • If you want to split your payment between this card and another form of payment, you must specify to the cashier the amount you would like run on the card. Be sure you know the balance on your card before you do this kind of transaction.