www.patientnotebook/spectrum | Patient Notebook Account Number

www.patientnotebook/spectrum | Patient Notebook Account Number

With a Patient Notebook account, you can directly contact your doctor, view your healthcare records, and easily pay your medical bills – quickly, privately and securely – all from the comfort of your computer.

Get a handle on your health — anytime, anywhere. View your health history that your healthcare provider creates after every office visit, from test results to prescriptions to care plans. Accessing your records has never been easier or more secure.


Stop playing phone tag — and exchange messages securely. Privacy laws prevent doctors and other healthcare providers from discussing medical matters over regular email. Patient Notebook’s secure messaging allows you to discuss any aspect of your health in absolute privacy.


Patient Notebook stores an electronic copy of every bill from your healthcare provider in one location — and you can review, organize, and pay these bills online. No more writing paper checks, buying stamps, or making trips to the mailbox.



You’ll receive an email or Invitation Code from your provider, enabling you to establish a secure online connection. You can also enter information directly from your latest medical bill.



It takes just a few minutes to set up your Patient Notebook account — and once you’re set up, you’ll have access to valuable healthcare management and communication tools.


Track your medical history, pay medical bills, and communicate securely with your healthcare providers 24 hours a day.

How do I sign up?

Just enter your personal Invitation Code in the fields above, create a quick Patient Notebook profile and within minutes you’ll have a secure, 24-7 link with your healthcare provider. Your doctor may also choose to send you an invitation with instructions directly to your e-mail from no***********@pa*************.com.

How do I get an Invitation Code?

Simply contact your healthcare provider and request an invitation to Patient Notebook. Your doctor will generate an Invitation Code you can use to sign up for a Patient Notebook account. An Invitation Code can also be used to add a new doctor to your existing Patient Notebook profile.

Why do I need an Invitation Code?


To ensure that your medical data and private healthcare communications are always secure, Patient Notebook requires that your doctor or healthcare provider confirm your identity before sending you information through Patient Notebook. Once your doctor has confirmed your identity during a phone call or in-office visit, he or she can issue a private Invitation Code that Patient Notebook uses to ensure that you – and only you – can view the personal and private medical information your healthcare providers send through our portal.

Why isn’t my doctor on Patient Notebook?

For your security, only physicians and healthcare providers that request access to Patient Notebook are visible and available on the portal. Talk to your other providers about Patient Notebook and encourage them to go to www.patientnotebook.com to learn more. If your provider isn’t using Patient Notebook, tell them you’d like to be able to communicate with them securely online!

I have a statement from my doctor that says I can use Patient Notebook

Your statement includes your doctor’s personal Patient Notebook web address, similar to www.patientnotebook.com/mydoctor. Just enter the complete web address on your statement, including all information after the final /, to visit your doctor’s Patient Notebook page. From there, you can enter the Statement ID and Account Number on your statement to see your bill, pay it and – if you like – sign up for Patient Notebook to receive and pay any future bills online, at any time.