www.opploans/myoffer : Check My Offer – OppLoans

www.opploans/myoffer : Check My Offer – OppLoans

A loan refinance through OppLoans allows you the opportunity to apply and, if approved, receive more money.


You do this by applying to reborrow part of what you’ve paid toward the principal on your existing loan. (Those who qualify may be able to receive more.)

If your application is approved by us or one of our lending partners, you may receive the money as fast as the next business day.

To start your application, click Apply Now. You cannot submit an application over the phone, in person, or via email. If you have any questions regarding the application process, please Contact and our Advocates will assist you.

I receive fixed income. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply if you are receiving fixed income, such as social security, disability, or unemployment benefits. We take into account all the same factors as other applicants when processing your loan, including meeting our minimum income requirements.

Within the application, you will see a Loan Offer page that shows you your options and allows you to adjust your loan amount, based on what you qualify for. If you completed the automated bank verification process and would like to talk about changing your loan amount.

What is the status of my application?

To check on the status of your application or loan, sign into your account here. If you have any additional questions about the status of your application or loan, please Contact Us and our Advocates will assist you.

What website can I use to enter my promo code?

You should see a website listed on the mailer that has your promo code. It should state either www.opploans.com/myloan or www.opploans.com/myoffer. You can enter your promo code on either website.

How can I repay my personal loan?

It’s important to OppLoans to offer easy and convenient ways to pay back your personal installment loan. The most popular and preferred method for many customers is through electronic fund transfer (EFT).

We also offer a recurring payment option of debit card or paper checks. For one-time payments, we accept debit cards and EFT. Please review details about each payment method below, including the cutoff times:

Electronic Fund Transfer (ACH Debits): This is the most popular repayment method for many customers. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and is a form of electronic debit. We electronically debit your bank account for the amount you owe and the debits coincide with your due dates. You must set up ACH or make changes to your ACH payment two business days before your payment due date. Typically, you will see the debit go through within (2) business days of your due date, but check with your financial institution for details on their ACH practices. A payment scheduled on a holiday or weekend may not process until the next business day.

Debit Cards: OppLoans accepts debit cards for one-time payments. Typically, debit card payments are applied the same day. For example, if your payment is due on January 5, your debit card payment must be made on or before January 5 during the hours of operation. You can set up one-time or recurring debit card payments in the customer portal or by calling us at 855-408-5000.

Paper Checks: OppLoans accepts paper checks made payable to OppLoans. Checks can be mailed to:

130 E Randolph St, Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60601

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