www.mykplan.com Register Now and Login Account : How do I register for mykplan.com?

www.mykplan.com Register Now and Login Account : How do I register for mykplan.com?

Click on the Register Now button on the www.mykplan.com login page and follow the steps for registration. You should have received a Personal Registration Code in your 401k Welcome Letter, use this code to complete the registration steps, verify your identity, and obtain your User ID and Password.

How do I register if I do not have a Personal Registration Code?

A: You can request a Personal Registration Code be sent to your email address on file. If you do not have an email address on file, you can still register for mykplan.com by answering a set of identity questions. Click on Register Now to get started.

How do I activate the Participant Portal?

A: The Participant Portal is made available to all participants in the plan.

The first time you use the Participant Portal, you’ll see a Terms and Conditions statement, which you must read and acknowledge by clicking the “Accept” button. If you don’t accept the Participant Portal’s terms and conditions, you will not be allowed to access the Web site.

How do I log in?

A: You will need your user ID and password each time you log in to the Web. If you already have credentials for another ADP product, then use your existing credentials to login. If you do not have credentials for any ADP products then you can register online at, mykplan.com, using the Register Now button on the login page.

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What happens if I get locked out?

A: You may get locked out of your account if you incorrectly enter login or security information a specified number of consecutive times. You will be locked for a period of time at which time you may try again. If you cannot wait for your account to be automatically unlocked, you may call our 401k Voice Response Unit at 1-800-695-7526 to complete your transaction, or press 0 to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

What functions are available in the Participant Portal?

A: You have access to these functions and transactions (follow the specific instructions on each page):

  • View your current account summary.
  • View and/or change your contribution election.
  • Transfer Funds.
  • Model a loan and request a loan (if applicable).
  • Request or download a withdrawal or termination form (if applicable).
  • View and print a report of the transaction details of your account.
  • View descriptions of all the funds in your company’s plan, as well as rates of return, fund compositions and portfolio holdings.
  • View educational materials and a variety of calculators that help to make you a more well-informed plan participant.

What else should I do to protect the privacy of my account information?

A: You should never reveal your password to anyone. If you’re using a computer to which others have access, you should always log-out and then close your browser after you have finished viewing your account information. If you intend to continue viewing other content on the Web, you can clear your browser cache, cookies and history (i.e., remove all files it’s saved). Refer to your browser’s Help menu.

For Internet Explorer Help:

  1. Click on the Help Menu
  2. Select Contents and Index
  3. From the Search tab, enter the key words (i.e. cookie, history, etc.) and search
  4. Select the related topic(s)

For Firefox Help:

  1. Click on the Help Menu.
  2. Select Help Contents.
  3. Enter the key words (i.e. cookies, history, etc.) in the Search the Knowledge Base box and click the arrow on the right.