www.mycoverageinfo/agent : Digital Payments from HOIPremiumDirect

www.mycoverageinfo/agent : Digital Payments from HOIPremiumDirect

Digital Payments from HOIPremiumDirect can be done by login into the website www.mycoverageinfo.com/agent. A Comprehensive Payment Solution Designed to Reduce Manual Refunds & Expedite Payment Processing

Digital Payments in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1


Provide Details About Your Business

Tell us about yourself and your business. Your information will be verified and an official registration invitation will be sent from Assurant.

Step 2

Choose Primary Contact for Payment Notifications

The account email address you provide will serve as your platform credentials and where you will receive all future payment notifications.

Step 3

Start Using Digital Payments

Once your registration process is complete, login at any time to review the status of pending or processed payments, or request new ones.

What are the benefits of Digital Payments (HOIPremiumDirect℠)?

  • End-to-end payment tracking and visibility with dashboards and 24/7 access to payment status and history.
  • Eliminates the need for checks, which allows for faster payouts, fewer errors and less fraud.
  • Quicker processing of premium payments — receipt of funds up to five days faster!
  • Reduced manual refunds and adjustments.
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Digital Payments Here’s what to expect – Registration

After clicking the link you will be asked to provide identifying information about your business and yourself. The information will be verified and an official invitation to register into the platform will be sent from Assurant no*****@ho**************.com.

Did you receive an Email?

If you received an email inviting you to the Digital Payments platform, HOIPremiumDirect℠ , please follow the instructions to begin the registration process to take advantage of this great option. You can also register directly by going to https://mycoverageinfo.com/hoipremiumdirect .

How do I view payments?

You will receive a notification from Assurant no*****@ho**************.com that your payments are ready to be processed. You can then log into your payment dashboard at https://hoipremiumdirect.com/ to review the transaction and see previous transactions. Once payments are processed via HOIPremiumDirect℠, they will also be reflected in the policy dashboard on mycoverageinfo.com.