www my100bank com Online Banking : How do I sign up for my100bank Mobile Banking?

www my100bank com Online Banking : How do I sign up for my100bank Mobile Banking?

Centennial Bank is a customer focused bank that provides a broad range of commercial and retail banking and related financial services to businesses, investors, individuals and municipalities.  Centennial Bank has locations in Arkansas, Florida, South Alabama, and New York. They pride themselves on excellent customer service, convenience to our account holders and taking care of the communities in which we operate.


Use ClickSwitch to help ease your transition to us or send money to a friend with Zelle.

Currently, default deposit limits are $5,000 per day and $10,000 per month. If you need to exceed these deposit amounts please contact care at (888) 372-9788 for more details.

How do I access Mobile Banking on my phone’s browser?

You can visit the Mobile Web Browser at any time at https://mb.my100bank.com.

How do I install the downloadable application?

The latest version of our App can be found in app stores for iPhone®, Android™ and Amazon®.

How do I know if I’m eligible to use Mobile Deposit?

You must have a deposit eligible account, such as a personal checking account, to use this feature. All Opportunity 100 and any new accounts in the first 30 days are not eligible for Mobile Deposit. Other checking customers are subject to approval. If you are not eligible, you can contact the Customer Care Center at 888-372-9788 to find out how to become eligible to use this feature.

How do I optimize my mobile web experience?

We recommend 3 steps for an optimal experience:

1) Ensure your phone’s browser has cookies enabled.

2) Enable stylesheets on your browser.

3) Bookmark Mobile Banking site.

How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?

Sign in to Online Banking on your computer and choose the Mobile Banking option. Enroll your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

If you use challenge questions for online banking, you can enroll for mobile banking directly from your mobile phone by entering the mobile web link https://mb.my100bank.com.

How do I view my deposit history?

1. Sign in to Centennial Mobile Banking and select the “Deposit” tab.

2. Select the “Get Deposit History” button and navigate to your Check.

3. Click on a single deposit to view the available transaction detail.

I activated Mobile Banking on my phone’s browser. Why am I being asked to activate again?

At the time of activation, a “cookie” is stored on your phone’s browser which allows the Mobile Banking system to remember that you activated. The cookie is only visible by the Mobile Banking system and does not contain personal information. Some phones may require you to enable cookies or periodically erase them, requiring reactivation.

If you are experiencing this issue, check your phone settings to ensure that cookies are enabled. If cookies are enabled and the issue persists, please contact your mobile network carrier for cookie support information on your mobile phone. If you would like to reactivate, text R or RECOVER to 83396.

How do I change my Online Banking password?

You can change your password within Online Banking by going to ‘Profile’ in the menu bar and selecting ‘Change Password’.

How do I logout of Online Banking?

The ‘Logout’ button can be located in the menu bar at top of any page within Online Banking.

How do I search transactions?

You can sort transactions by selecting the ↑↓ icons next to the column names in the transaction history. If you click the icon once it will sort from lowest to highest. If you click the icon a second time it will reverse the list and sort from highest to lowest. To clear the sort, you can click the icon a third time or select the magnifying glass with an X. You can also sort across multiple columns by clicking the sort icon in one column and then clicking the sort icon in another column.

Where can I find the bank’s routing number?

You can locate the bank’s routing number on the my100bank.com website at the bottom of every page. In the mobile app you can locate the bank’s routing number by navigating to the ‘Summary’ tab once you have selected an account view.

What is Centennial Mobile Banking?

Mobile Web Browser banking gives you access to your accounts from your mobile web browser, text messaging or a downloadable mobile banking application, depending on your preference and your phone capabilities. Our Mobile Banking options allow you to: view account balances, search recent account activity, transfer funds, make deposits, pay bills and find the nearest ATM or branch locations.

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