www.mittayi.org : Children with diabetes can register at www.mittayi.org

www.mittayi.org :

Children under the age of 18 should register with the Mittayi Scheme under the Social Security Mission if they develop symptoms of diabetes after Covid infection. It is a government-run program for children with Type 1 diabetes. The scheme will provide free treatment and mental health support to children. Children with diabetes can register at www.mittayi.org.



For Parents

  • Beneficiries

    The beneficiary (child/adolescent) should be below the age of 18 years. However the screening committee would be empowered to make exceptions on a case by case basis if the committee feels that the there are compelling technical reasons warranting an exemption.

  • Annual Income

    The annual family income of the applicant should be below Rs.2 lakhs

  • Nativity

    The applicant/parent should be a permanent resident of Kerala

  • Treatment Criteria

    The child/adolescent should be certified by an empanelled doctor (under the scheme) regarding the diagnosis of T1DM and recommended therapy schedule under the project.

  • Training Programs

    Parents of the child/adolescent should be ready to undergo mandatory training including residential diabetes camps.

  • Terms and Conditions

    Parents of the child/adolescent should be ready to sign an informed consent before beginning the therapy.

Mittayi Scheme

‘Mittayi’ is a unique initiative by the Govt. of Kerala to provide a comprehensive care to the children/adolescents with Type-1 diabetes, in the state. Lifelong management of type 1 DM is challenging for the patient, family and the treating doctors and warrants comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and team based facilities and care. Adding to this, majority of the children’s with type 1diabetes in the state are from a poor socio-economic background. The complexity and longevity of management of T1DM demands that all the population affected with T1DM needs to be brought in to the social safety network.

Type 1 diabetes is an often neglected disease. This endocrine disorder mainly affects children of age group 5-18 years. The affected individual has to live with the disease and all its complications. Awareness about this chronic illness is very little among the public and also among care givers. The disease process and the treatment modalities are entirely different from type 2 diabetes seen in adults. Insulin is the only treatment option and frequent monitoring is the only way for good glycemic control.

For this the KERALA SOCIAL SECURITY MISSION, UNDER SOCIAL JUSTICE DEPARTMENT with technical assistance from HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE department initiated a comprehensive social support project for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus- and named it as MITTAYI. ‘Mittayi’ meaning ‘sweets’ envisaging to provide a comprehensive care & support to the juvenile diabetics, so that their blood sugars are managed effectively without curbing sweets completely.

The ultimate objective of ‘Mittayi’ is to provide comprehensive care and support to all the children/adolescents with T1DM with inadequate means to support their treatment and care. However being a unique and new project and considering the budget allocation the project shall be implemented in a phased manner.

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