www.mentimeter.com Login Code : Enter the code from the Mentimeter Presentation

www.mentimeter.com Login Code : Enter the code from the Mentimeter Presentation

Let your audience access your presentation’s voting site by using a QR code.

If you prefer to share voting instructions with your audience ahead of time, you can share the QR code or voting link. The QR code and voting link are unique to your presentation and will remain the same regardless of the voting code.

Create a Mentimeter account

Let’s make all your presentations interactive! Mentimeter is free to use for as long as you’d like, and you can upgrade your account anytime you feel the need to access more features.

How to sign up 

  1. Head over to the sign up page.

  2. Choose to sign up through your Facebook profile, Google account, or with an email address and password that you set.

  3. If the latter, enter a valid email address, a password that is at least six characters long, and your first and last name.

  4. Press ‘sign up’ and you are good to go!

That’s it! No installations, no downloads, nothing required but your web browser and an internet connection.

How to share the QR code

  1. In the edit view of your presentation, open the “Share” menu in the top-right corner

  2. Select the “Participation” tab

  3. Click the “Download QR” button to download the QR code

After downloading, you can send the QR code in an email or share it with your voters in different ways.

Show the QR code to a live audience

The fastest way to show the QR code while presenting is to use the shortcut key ‘i’. Simply press the ‘i’ key on your keyboard at any time while presenting in full screen. To get back to the presentation, simply press the “esc” key on your keyboard.

You can also bring up the QR code at any moment while presenting via the presentation menu. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click “Present” in the top right corner of the Edit View

  2. Open the Presentation Menu by hovering your mouse cursor over the bottom-left corner of the slide

  3. Choose “Show voting instructions”

Turn tough crowds into engaged audiences

  • Build an immediate connection with your audience and make them a part of your presentation.
  • Create an interactive experience letting everyone vote, ask questions, and interact throughout.

Create truly unique presentations 

  • Use a wide range of interactive slides to pose questions, gather feedback, and connect with your audience.
  • Build an impressive slide deck in minutes, craft an insightful icebreaker instantly, or find a new and creative way to engage your audience!

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