www.izkid.com/panel: Parental Control on Android

www.izkid.com/panel: Parental Control on Android

IzKid is the most effective mobile software that allows you track all of the activities associated with an Android Cell Phone. It’s super easy to make it work. Users start by downloading and installing the software onto the mobile phone that he want to track on. It then starts uploading phone’s usage information which may be seen by signing in for your IzKid User Control Panel from a computer from anywhere in real-time.

Designed for Parents

Designed to provide parents the tools they need in order to extend their parenting into the mobile world, in which today’s kids & teens are immersed, IzKid is a powerful mobile application that gives you almost complete control over your children’s devices.

How does IzKid work?

• Install IzKid onto the phone you want to track on

• IzKid collects information and upload to a server

• You login to server to view uploaded data using a pre-created account

• You can control how IzKid work remotely by using the web interface

IzKid is a commercial product. But it is quite affordable! We also offer trial 48 hours package with all features. After trial time, if you are not ready to purchase, you can still use Location tracking, View device information and updating new versions for free.

IzKid Features

IzKid is a mobile tracking software which allows you to track your children’s phone in real time. The powerful program silently records all the activities on the target phone. Data then uploaded to your secured online account which only you can access to view and manage. IzKid with rich-set of features with recorded text messages content, phone location history, track Viber chats, WhatsApp messages, Call history,… will present you useful information, from the object quickly you’re management. You are now able to know everything with your children when you aren’t there.

IzKid is best cell phone tracking software. There software is compatible with almost every cell phone on the market today. Quality of the software is excellent. It’s extremely user friendly, an easy click and go type of software. A very fast installation, all of features work flawlessly with no accidentally alerts or pop-up’s on the target phone to indicate tracking, as we have seen in other tracking software providers. The software was also excellent in stealth, pretty much being impossible to discover.

Mobile Tracking Features

IzKid Requirements for Android smartphones and tablets

  • The target device must be running Android 4.0+
  • The target Android device must be connected to the Internet to upload data. When there are no internet, data are saved and uploaded when internet re-established
  • You need physical access to the device to install IzKid.
  • Chat Messages Monitoring works on rooted Android only.

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