www.getepic/students Sign In : Epic School: Free Access for Students

www.getepic/students Sign In : Epic School: Free Access for Students

A lot’s changed since last Fall, but we’ve got you! No matter what teaching looks like for you, Epic will support your reading and learning goals. Here is what you can expect for Back to School.

Epic School: new name, same great experience.


Epic School has a new name, but it’s the same experience you already know and love, and still 100% free for educators. Look for the new name starting in time for Back to School!

New: remote login with just your class code.

By popular demand, to support remote learning this school year, we’ve made it easy for students to log in from anywhere during school hours using just your class code. Even summer school students can use it, starting now, from 6 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday. Available through June 2021!!!

Where can I find my Class Code?

When you log into Epic School, you can find your class code on the left-hand side of your dashboard


To get a new class code:

  1. Login to your educator dashboard
  2. Go to your class roster
  3. Click Archive

This will archive your current roster, and generate a new class code.

Keep ‘em learning after school.

Reading with Epic doesn’t have to end when school is out. You can keep fueling your students’ love of reading after hours with Epic Free. When parents sign up for an Epic Free account using their email addresses, their kids can access a limited selection of Epic books, plus two free hours of reading per week.

Search by what’s available on Epic Free.

You asked and here it is! You can now see what books are available on Epic Free with a new search filter feature so that you can assign reading that students can access after school hours.