www.flexmls.com Real Estate Professionals : Flexmls Platform by FBS

www.flexmls.com Real Estate Professionals : Flexmls Platform by FBS

The Flexmls Portal is a personalized Flexmls website that you can use to communicate and collaborate with your clients. Each contact’s portal is customized for them and also contains your branding and contact information.

When to Contact Your MLS

Contact your MLS with questions regarding your membership in the MLS or its policies and procedures. The following list contains examples of questions that are best answered by the MLS.

Where can I pay my dues for membership?

Who can make changes to listings that I don’t have permission to edit?

How can I get an additional entry option added to a list (for example, a new subdivision)?

When is the next scheduled training session at the MLS?

How do I add additional services or products within my MLS access?

How do I report an ethics violation or a dispute?

Who does my MLS syndicate listings to?

Who do I speak with about a request for changes to the system?

Why is my account deactivated?

What are the benefits of the Flexmls Portal for my clients?

Your contacts can use the Flexmls Portal to review the results of listing searches you have saved for them. If you subscribe to Flexmls IDX 2.0, the portal also allows your clients to create and save their own listing searches.

The information in the portal comes directly from Flexmls, so your clients always see current price and status information. Your clients can also mark listings as favorites or hide listings that they are not interested in. If they have questions about a property or would like to schedule a showing, they can easily send a message to you (their agent).

The Flexmls Portal shows your client all of the current results for the searches that you have created for them. However, the Flexmls Portal and subscription emails do work together. When a client with access to the portal clicks a link in a subscription email, the portal opens automatically.

Choice + Freedom for All

The Flexmls Platform provides unmatched freedom to create a custom user experience at the local level, putting choice and control in the hands of MLS System Administrators and software users. MLSs choose the apps and software products that they want and customize the system to the needs of their market. Subscribers are empowered to customize their Flexmls software experience to work in harmony with their preferences.

FlōPlan: A Flexmls Floor Plan App

Every home has a flow and every listing needs a floor plan. The FlōPlan® System allows you to produce top-notch floor plans overnight! All you have to do is walk through your property which generates a scan on your smartphone. Once complete, your floor plan can be easily linked directly to your listing inside the Flexmls System.