www.e-hallpass/login : How e-hallpass works

www.e-hallpass/login : How e-hallpass works

e-hallpass is a browser-based online system that is used to manage all pass situations.  eHallPass replaces antiquated methods of administering hall passes.  The system enhances school security and helps to simplify classroom management.  Teachers log into their system dashboard to monitor and approve passes, and access reporting.  Students request passes through eHallPass on their Chromebooks.

Logging into e-hallpass

You can access e-hallpass by going to www.e-hallpass.com/login. Select the login option that applies for your school and enter your credentials

How a Digital Hall Pass Works

With a digital hall pass like Eduspire Solutions’ e-hallpass, you can see how many students are in the halls at any time. The system also allows you to establish how many passes you can approve for a particular student, a specific location inside the school, or even the entire school campus.

A digital hall pass is contactless, which is more sanitary, and you do not have to waste valuable instruction time writing traditional paper passes that students can easily misplace. A student submits a request for a pass out of class, and you can approve or deny the request based on whether the student is known to cause problems or has a valid reason for leaving your classroom.

Any student who leaves a classroom will show up on the digital hall pass dashboard. This helps teachers and administrators determine whether the student should be out of class and allows them to monitor student activity to ensure the students are not doing something they are not supposed to be doing.

Track Student Time Out of Class

Another benefit of a digital hall pass is that it can provide the actual time a student is in the hall. This helps you to hold students accountable for being out of class so that you and the school’s administrators can respond accordingly.

What’s more, teachers and administrators can track students throughout the day or week or even the entire school year. Creating custom reports of student pass activity adds another level of accountability that could help you determine whether a particular student should be granted access outside the classroom.

What Does a Digital Hall Pass Track

Manage Appointments and Improve Instruction Time

A digital hall pass system also allows teachers, counselors, and administrators to enter their times of availability, and teachers can post how much capacity they have for meeting students.

For instance, a teacher can post that she is out of the office or that her classroom is full. This enables another teacher to deny a student’s pass request instead of sending a student out into the hallway to wander around.

AutoPass Overview

AutoPass is a feature that some schools/teachers may choose to use for passes to certain locations. When enabled, this allows you, the student, to start and stop your pass as you leave and return to the classroom. Please follow the rules at your school for leaving the classroom when using AutoPass. When creating a pass, if AutoPass is enabled for the selected destination, you will see a “play” or “START” button on your red pass screen,

Benefits to Students

Eduspire Solutions’ e-hallpass system also benefits students by providing regular notifications regarding upcoming appointments, so they don’t forget about them. Furthermore, some students may need a pass out of class for sensitive and personal reasons. They may not want other students to know the reason, and they can silently request a pass with their phone or tablet without requesting a pass verbally so other students can hear.

Additionally, e-hallpass can help you locate students in the case of an emergency, and they can help keep students safe by providing an accurate way of tracking their movement in and around the school. This can help ensure the student is not in harm’s way.  However, e-hallpass does not track the physical location of the student using device tracking or geo-location of any kind.So, what does a digital hall pass track? With Eduspire Solutions’ e-hallpass technology, the answer is virtually everything. Teachers and administrators can keep tabs on student traffic during class to reduce vaping, vandalism, and problematic student meetups. You can use it for appointment scheduling and reminders, and it tracks a student’s activity outside of class so that you can hold them accountable. Our e-hallpass also provides an effective way to increase security on campus to provide a safe and productive environment for everyone.

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