www.cvs.com/otchs/bcbstma : Over the Counter (OTC) 2023 – CVS

www.cvs.com/otchs/bcbstma : Over the Counter (OTC) 2023 – CVS

You’ll need it to look up the OTC items you want to purchase. It also contains step-by-step instructions on how to order online, by phone or use your OTC benefits in store.

Three convenient ways to place an order.


Choose the way that works best for you:

#1 In store:

You can pick up your OTC items at any OTCHS enabled store.

To find your nearest location, go to https://www.cvs.com/otchs/bcbsmn/storelocator or contact OTCHS at1-888-628-2770 (TTY: 711). IMPORTANT: Not all CVS stores participate in this benefit.

How to use your OTC Health Solutions benefits in store:

1. Refer to your health plan catalog.

2. Identify approved items in the catalog. Only the items listed in your catalog are available through your plan.

3. Go to any OTCHS enabled CVS Pharmacy® store.

4. Look for the OTC indicator on the top right of the shelf label and review the SKU number for item eligibility.

Products may be located in the dedicated OTCHS section or in aisle through out the store. Not all items may be available through your plan, please refer to this catalog for the approved list of items.5. You can redeem your benefit at any register.

Not all items are available in all stores. If your item is not available, please contact OTCHS or visit your plan’s web page to process your order. Please note that the regular retail price in the store may vary. For prices that apply when you use your OTC benefits, please consult this catalog. Catalog prices cannot be combined with promotional offers or ExtraBucks® Rewards. Not all products will be carried in all CVS® OTCHS enabled stores.

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To Redeem in Store

Inform the cashier that you have the OTCHS benefit and present your member ID card before the cashier begins to scan products. Your insurance card is used to verify eligibility, not as a form payment.

You can also cut out and present the QR Code to the store colleague at the register to assist with the transaction.

Colleague Instructions

1. Scan QR Code.

2. You will be automatically redirected to the OTCHS App on the POS terminal.

3. Ask the member for their plan ID Card.

4. Select the members plan.

5. Enter the member ID or the member’s first and last name.

6. Scan eligible products and follow instructions on the POS system to complete the transaction.

7. If you’re having trouble locating the member or processing the transaction, please call the dedicated OTCHS Store Support line for assistance