World Rose Day : World Rose Day 2021 Date, Theme, History, Significance

World Rose Day : World Rose Day 2021 Date, Theme, History, Significance

Cancer is a fight that millions of people around the world fight every day. The fight against it takes time and taxes patients and their loved ones too. Emotionally draining is the fight against this severe and prolonged condition, which affects patients such as psychological distress and tension.


The World Rose Day, celebrated on 22 September every year for giving patients hope, is to spread positivity and honour the courage of those fighting the disease. It is also celebrated as a day for spreading awareness about early detection and cancer prevention, which can save millions of lives.

Rose Day is marked by offering the patients fighting against a dreaded disease with roses, cards and gifts. The main reason behind the celebration is to spread happiness and to give patients hope to be able to fight.

History of World Rose Day

A sensitive storey is also behind World Rose Day. Without the brave 12-year-old Melinda Rose’s timeless spirit, World Rose Day wouldn’t be born. She gave many hope in the fight against cancer.

Askin’s tumour, a rare form of invasive blood cancer, was diagnosed at 12 years of age to Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl. Her survival was only 6 weeks at the time of diagnosis. Melinda, however, who decided to live without losing hope for as long as possible, lived for the next six months.

Melinda made little efforts to help cancer patients such as her in the fight against the disease by spreading joy and joy. Rose wrote poems, notes, and emails for her cancer fighters because the journey on cancer can be so catastrophic and full of pain. Its sole purpose was to preserve a bright and happy hospital environment during her trip. This is said to have become the mission of her life. So, after World Rose Day, she died celebrating her courageous journey.

World Rose Day Importance

The term “World Rose Day” refers to the use of “Rose,” one of the world’s most popular and most beautiful flowers. It represents anxiety, love and kindness.

Most of us find cancer patients with long facial expressions and desperate actions. Although from the bottom of our hearts we have a great interest and sympathy, we often channel despair without knowing. The idea of sharing roses with patients with cancer contributes to the sides’ lightness and freshness.

Roses mean tenderness and love as well. The World Rose Day is therefore more important as support for cancer patients. Patients and survivors of cancer often receive roses as a sign of their difficult journey that day. Cards, compassionate gifts, are also distributed to patients. Special awareness campaigns are also organised by health centres and survivors.

World Rose Day

World Rose Day celebration is mainly focus on:

  • Increase the susceptibility of people for cancer patients.
  • Encourage people to step up and help cancer patients in new ways that are hopeful, joyful, and positive.
  • Spreading cancer awareness to large numbers of people.
  • Awareness can inspire more and more people and reduce cancer mortality through early detection and prevention.
  • Control and manage the stigma and fear associated with cancer disease.

World Rose Day Quotes

1. There’s more to a diagnosis than meets the eye

2. “People ask if I had it to do again, would I choose cancer? Yes.”

3. “I won’t let cancer define me, but I’ll use my journey to help others.”

4. “Parents with children who have cancer: I was your child 30 years ago, and I’m here today.”

5. “Through embracing my situation, I took back the power.”

6. “Let go of things you can’t control.”

7. “Just because I can’t control what life throws at me, doesn’t mean I can’t control how I handle it.”

8. “I look at my cancer as any chronic disease.”

9. “Sometimes it’s necessary to keep seeking additional options.”

10. “I can’t emphasise enough the importance of support.”

World Rose Day Messages

1. What can we do other than embrace our pain and use it as a fuel for our journey of a lifetime. Nothing but best wishes for you on this special eve of Rose Day.

2. When the night comes turn all your worries to God, even he needs a sleepless night once in a while. Have a spiritual Rose Day.

3. Amidst the storms you are going through, I hope you are feeling greater every day. Have an Amazing Rose Day ahead

4. Smile has the power to shatter the sadness from your heart. Hope to see you smiling on a daily basis. Have a Great Rose day.

5. There s no shame in having a fear in your heart. All you need to do is never let it hamper your moments of happiness. Wish you the best on an amazing Rose Day.

6. Look at it this way, this is the only battle when your first breathe of the morning declares you a winner. I hope you are able to see all the silver linings in your journey.

7. To survive and fight and come out as victorious is one thing, but doing it on a daily basis makes you a superhero. On the eve of Rose Day, I hope you are able to make a superhero landing pretty soon.

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