Wisely Employee Login : How do I access myWisely account?

Wisely Employee Login : How do I access myWisely account?

Login into the myWisely app or myWisely.com to check your balance, view transaction history, find nearby ATMs, see spending trends, and much more. You can also set up email, push or text alerts, including low balance notifications at whatever amount you decide.

The Wisely Pay card is a reloadable prepaid card that provides employers and employees a convenient, low-cost alternative to paychecks.

Wisely Pay card members can quickly activate their card at activateWisely.com or by calling 1-866-313-6901.


To activate your card, go to activateWisely.com, or call 1-866-313-6901.

Employee Registration

To register for myWisely online or mobile app access, visit https://www.mywisely.com/app/main/register.

ADAP wisely Card

Can I request a card for a spouse or family member?

Of course! You, as the primary Wisely® member, can request up to 3 cards for your spouse or other family members. Wisely secondary cards can be used to make point-of-sale or purchases everywhere Visa® Debit cards or where debit MasterCard® are accepted. This eliminates the need to carry cash when grocery shopping, paying bills, going out to eat, and any other daily activities. Age limits may apply, please reference your Cardholder Agreement for more information.

To request a secondary card:

1. Log in to your account at mywisely.com or the myWisely app.

2. Click or tap the menu button in the upper left corner and scroll to the button at the bottom of this menu to add a card to your account.

3. Follow the screen instructions to complete your request.

You will need the new secondary member’s name, Social Security Number, and date of birth to request the card.

Secondary cards are mailed to the primary member’s address on file. Secondary members can update their address in the myWisely app7 or at mywisely.com after activation.

How do I change or update my personal information?

You can update your email, street address, and phone number directly from the myWisely® app or mywisely.com.

To change your personal information on the myWisely® mobile app or mywisely.com:

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Tap the Profile Info button.
  3. Make your changes.