Where To Watch Chandrayaan 3 Landing : Chandrayaan 3 Countdown Live

Where To Watch Chandrayaan 3 Landing : Chandrayaan 3 Countdown Live

All set to initiate the Chandrayaan 3 Automatic Landing Sequence (ALS). Awaiting the arrival of Lander Module (LM) at the designated point, around 17:44 Hrs. IST. Upon receiving the ALS command, the LM activates the throttleable engines for powered descent.

The mission operations team will keep confirming the sequential execution of commands. The live telecast of operations at MOX begins at 17:20 Hrs. IST

The landing can be watched on ISRO YouTube Channel  link by Clicking Here

ISRO Chandrayaan landing

A number of people have commented on Elon Musk’s answer to a post on X in which it was pointed out that the budget for Chandrayaan-3 was smaller than that of the movie Interstellar.


Chandrayaan-3 is a follow-on mission to Chandrayaan-2 to demonstrate end-to-end capability in safe landing and roving on the lunar surface. It consists of Lander and Rover configuration. It will be launched by LVM3 from SDSC SHAR, Sriharikota. The propulsion module will carry the lander and rover configuration till 100 km lunar orbit. The propulsion module has Spectro-polarimetry of Habitable Planet Earth (SHAPE) payload to study the spectral and Polari metric measurements of Earth from the lunar orbit.

Lander payloads: Chandra’s Surface Thermophysical Experiment (ChaSTE) to measure the thermal conductivity and temperature; Instrument for Lunar Seismic Activity (ILSA) for measuring the seismicity around the landing site; Langmuir Probe (LP) to estimate the plasma density and its variations. A passive Laser Retroreflector Array from NASA is accommodated for lunar laser ranging studies.

Rover payloads: Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscope (LIBS) for deriving the elemental composition in the vicinity of landing site.

The mission objectives of Chandrayaan-3 are:

  1. To demonstrate Safe and Soft Landing on Lunar Surface
  2. To demonstrate Rover roving on the moon and
  3. To conduct in-situ scientific experiments.

To achieve the mission objectives, several advanced technologies are present in Lander such as,

  1. Altimeters: Laser & RF based Altimeters
  2. Velocimeters: Laser Doppler Velocimeter & Lander Horizontal Velocity Camera
  3. Inertial Measurement: Laser Gyro based Inertial referencing and Accelerometer package
  4. Propulsion System: 800N Throttleable Liquid Engines, 58N attitude thrusters & Throttleable Engine Control Electronics
  5. Navigation, Guidance & Control (NGC): Powered Descent Trajectory design and associate software elements
  6. Hazard Detection and Avoidance: Lander Hazard Detection & Avoidance Camera and Processing Algorithm
  7. Landing Leg Mechanism.

Cindy Pom, a former journalist, posted the tweet to the Newsthink account. “Kinda crazy when you realise India’s budget for Chandrayaan-3 ($75M) is less than the film Interstellar ($165M),” the message adds. There are two photographs included in the post. Chandrayaan-3 is featured in one, while Interstellar is depicted in the other.

On Wednesday, millions of Indians, including a number of celebrities, will be watching the moon landing of Chandrayaan-3. The project might make India the fourth nation after the United States, China, and Russia to perform a soft landing on the moon’s surface. Ahead of the launch, celebrities have taken to social media to express their support for the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its mission.

Celebrating the Vikram lander’s rendezvous with “Chanda Mama,” actor Amitabh Bachchan recited a few lines on Kaun Banega Crorepati 15. He declared, “When the shaam is ready, the chand will appear, and the mitti of the chand will be used to help the people of the desh. Now that we’ve launched Chandrayaan-3, our homes will be closer to those of our mothers than ever before. Apne desh ki pahuch mein hoga jis humare bachpan ke kahaniyon ke chand, premika ke chehre ka chand, vrat aur tyoharon ka chaand. (When the moon rises tomorrow night, our country’s footprints will be etched into the lunar surface.Our youthful dreams of colonising the moon will soon become a reality.