What is the 4 Digit Code for Vizio TV

What is the 4 Digit Code for Vizio TV

The most common 4-digit TV codes for a Vizio TV are 1758, 0178, 1756, 0128, 0117, 1017, and 1078. You can use any of these codes to program your universal remote for your Vizio TV.

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team. We’re here to ensure you enjoy a seamless viewing experience on your TV!

Is there a way to find the code specific to my Vizio model?

To find the specific remote control code for your Vizio TV model, follow these steps:

  1. Check the User Manual or Documentation:
    • Look for the user manual or any documentation that came with your Vizio TV.
    • The manual often includes a list of remote control codes specific to your TV model.
  2. Visit the Vizio Support Website:
    • Go to the Vizio Support website.
    • Enter your TV model number in the search bar.
    • Look for information related to remote control codes or programming.
  3. Try Common Codes:
    • If you can’t find the specific code, try using common Vizio TV codes like 175801781756012801171017, or 1078.
    • These codes work for many Vizio models.
  4. Use the Auto-Search Feature:
    • Some universal remotes have an auto-search feature.
    • Follow the remote’s instructions to search for the correct code automatically.
  5. Contact Vizio Customer Support:
    • If none of the above methods work, reach out to Vizio customer support.
    • Provide them with your TV model number, and they can assist you with the correct code.

Remember that the specific code may vary based on your TV’s model and the universal remote you’re using. Good luck, and enjoy your Vizio TV!

4 digit code for vizio tv

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Use the following directions to program your VIZIO Universal Remote Control.

1) Manually turn on your TV (or device you want to control).

2) Press the TV (or device) button and hold for 5 seconds until the LED flashes twice. LED will remain lit.

3) Find the programming code for your TV (or device) in the code list and enter it using the Number Buttons. The LED flashes once after entering each digit. If the code is accepted, the LED flashes twice after the last digit is and then turns off.

4) Point the VIZIO remote control at the device and press the POWER button. If the device powers off, setup is complete. If not, repeat steps with a different code.

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