What do I do, When my UPI Payment Gets Stuck or Transaction Fails?

What do I do, When my UPI Payment Gets Stuck or Transaction Fails?

Festive season is around the corner and shopping festivals are enticing us with their high discounts and attractive offers. Indeed, who does not want to make the most of this opportunity? Now, given the popularity of digital payments and the e-commerce websites, one of the preferred mode of payments is Unified Payment Interface aka UPI. Furthermore, due to COVID-19 situation, such digital payments are preferred more now as they are contactless and safe.

UPI, since its inception in the year 2016, has gained huge popularity among many for its easy and seamless interface. Be it payments, p2p transactions or merchant transactions, UPI has emerged as front runner in digital payment. There are many UPI payment based Apps, each providing hassle free transactions & great incentives for customers to use this mode of payment.

That being said, like many digital modes of payments, there are multiple parties involved here too and hence many of customers face payment issues like:

· Account debited but not received by beneficiary/ merchant.

· Payment stuck

· Merchant initiated refunds

However, not many are aware of the redressal mechanism at such time. Therefore, to make aware our customers about the resolution, we present below 3 methods of registering your complaint and receiving the status on your payment or refunds.

There are also cases, where the merchant initiated the refund, but customer does not receive it. The resolution for this is to mail our UPI Support i.e. support.upi@sbi.co.in with details such as:

  • Date of refund
  • Amount
  • Refund Reference Number
  • Transaction reference (generated during the check-out process).

We would also like to clarify that though Step 1 is applicable both our customers and non-customers, Step 2 & 3 are applicable to our Customers only. Further, we request our customers to wait for 48 Hours before registering a complaint as within the said time, either transaction status would be updated as either successful or failed or refund would be initiated.

With this brief article, we wish to make the readers aware of the resolution mechanism for UPI related issues. And given the Pandemic situation, we urge our customers to use the digital modes of payment to maximum, avoid unnecessary visits outside their residences and take adequate safety measures, both for the digital payments and for general well-being.

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