Welcome Home Puppet Show Website : https://www.clownillustration.com/

Welcome Home Puppet Show Website : https://www.clownillustration.com/

“With its unique ensemble of puppets, captivating and addicting stories, and vibrant sets, “Welcome Home Puppet Show” captivated audiences and won critical acclaim on Saturday mornings. Definitely a show for people of all ages to enjoy!”

The Playfellow Workshop’s one and only output was the American children’s television series Welcome Home. The first episode was rumoured to have aired on October 11, 1969, on an unidentified station, and the show likely ran until 1974.

The inhabitants of Welcome Home were the primary focus of the show, with animated commercials and illustrated tale book portions interspersed throughout. The story took place in a vibrant, cartoonish metropolis called “Home,” complete with a bodega and a post office and inhabited by equally vivid creatures.

Each episode would begin with Wally introducing the day’s topic or subject, and then the show’s other characters would join in on his antics until the day ended and the show ended with it. Characters like Eddie Dear, who made arts and crafts, Sally Starlet, who put on plays, and Wally Darling, who painted a portrait with the help of the other cast members, all had memorable recurring portions that appeared throughout the show’s duration. The audience was treated like another member of the neighbourhood, with frequent interactions between Wally and the viewer

Further investigation suggests that Welcome Home aired for four years before being pulled from television abruptly in 1974 and the entertainment organisation, The Playfellow Workshop, going silent. The visual artistry, compelling storytelling, incredible puppetry, and dynamic characters of Welcome Home made it appear like it would always be a hit among viewers of other TV shows. However, it seems that all of the promotional materials, advertisements, vinyl records, and illustrated books shown in the episodes have been destroyed.

Yet the information we now have compels us to find its whereabouts.

Welcome Home Puppet Show Website :

The Welcome Home Puppet Show Website is https://www.clownillustration.com/

The Welcome Home Restoration Project is an underground group with the goal of collecting, repairing, and archiving the show’s remaining materials. The combined efforts are what will bring this long-forgotten media back to life. WHRP hope to cultivate a warm and welcoming network of loved ones and supporters, just unlike the eclectic and charming neighbours of our dream house.

Welcome Home Puppet Show

Our small WHRP team has unanimously decided to maintain our anonymity for reasons of personal safety and security. But WHRP wanted the recovery of Welcome Home to be the exclusive focus of our website and our top priority

When we open an envelope, we often find a jumble of crumpled paper and splattered paint or ink. Yet, the majority of the information on the documents has been preserved or reconstructed thanks to the efforts of volunteers. See here for a sample of our work as we convert a paper document into a digital format by extracting relevant data.