WB Madhyamik and HS Exam 2021: Final Decision Not Today

WB Madhyamik

Update on WB Madhyamik and HS Exams in 2021 :

The West Bengal State Government has postponed its decision on the WB Madhyamik Exam 2021 for Class 10 students and the West Bengal HS Exams for Class 12 students, according to the latest news. The expert committee’s recommendations were supposed to be announced today, but it is now more likely to be announced later this week.


A committee for the West Bengal Board Exams in 2021 will be formed.

According to reports in the media, the West Bengal state government has formed an expert committee to evaluate the judgement, and the group has been given 72 hours to provide a report. Students who have completed the registration process for the West Bengal Board examinations must now wait for the board to make a decision on the examinations.

WB Madhyamik

The chief minister of West Bengal had previously stated that the class 12 examinations will be held by the end of July 2021, and the class 10 examinations will be held by the second week of August 2021.

Senior board officials had previously stated that a decision on the exam date, duration, and structure will be made by June 2, 2021. Officials have claimed that the exam schedule will be revealed today following a meeting, and that a decision on which courses should be examined, as well as the dates and duration of the tests, will be made.

Exams for CBSE class 12 have been cancelled.

Because the CBSE announced the cancellation of the class 12 tests, state governments that had already announced the delay of the exams are now reconsidering their position. The CBSE had previously announced that the class 10 exams would be cancelled, while the class 12 exams would be postponed. The exams will be cancelled, and students will be graded based on an evaluation method developed by the board, according to a meeting held by the Prime Minister yesterday.

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