watershedfest.com/wristbands Passes : Register your Watershed Festival passes

watershedfest.com/wristbands Passes: Register your Watershed Festival passes

Passes & camping will be sold on Front Gate Tickets! The ONLY valid places to purchase are Watershedfest.com and FrontGateTickets.com. We are unable to validate any passes sold through other people or websites.


You may buy up to 6 passes per household.

For camping you can purchase 6 Standards sites OR 2 sites in Big Rig, Premiere, Oasis or Terrace. Wristbands will be shipped approximately 4/5 weeks prior to the festival. Wristbands are now shipping!

Why register?

Protect your investment!

Links your wristband to only you (no one else can use it if it’s misplaced)

Gives you the opportunity to participate in our cashless program



How does it work? When you register for the Cashless option on your wristband you will securely link your credit or debit card with your wristband. Meaning, when you pay for something with your wristband, it will be just like swiping your credit/debit card at a store.

How do I do it? When it comes time to register your wristband you will be able to select the Cashless option and input your information. You do not have to register for Cashless but it is an awesome new feature.

Is it safe? Yes! A pin protects your purchasing power, so even if you lose your wristband nobody will be able to buy things with it.

Register your Watershed Festival passes

Your festival wristband is your ticket. You cannot enter the festival without it.

Do not put on your wristband until you head to the festival! Once you put it on, you won’t be able to remove it

Locate your activation/registration code on the back of the wristband and then register it here.

Please Note: Only wristbands purchased from the official festival website via Front Gate Tickets and Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange are valid. Do not purchase wristbands from third parties or strangers. Take care of your wristband and treat it like cash. Wristbands are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. Wristbands that are damaged, lost or stolen can be replaced for the original purchaser only, ONE TIME ONLY. Wristbands will be treated as void if tampered with or removed. Do not cut it.

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