Register Visa Card Activate: Register for Walmart Gift Card Activation Register Visa Card Activate: Register for Walmart Gift Card Activation

You can register your Walmart Gift Card and once you receive the new card, activate it by login into or you can simply call on the Walmart phone number with the Automated Phone System. 

Gift-giving events abound, such as birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, farewells, and many others; yet, one problem remains constant: what should one give? We normally choose trendy presents. However, the group we typically seek for is that which allows us to stand out from the pack. One such gift that would please both the giver and the recipient is a Walmart gift card. The ability to view one’s Walmart Gift Card Balance is a nice bonus. Card

Walmart Gift Cards eliminate the long dilemma you face while choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones. And, being able to check the Walmart Gift Card Balance lets your loved ones choose goods and/or services that fit their desires. It can prove to be the most appreciated gift and its’ unique.

It is thoughtful and shows that you want them to have a gift that makes them happy. Like it’s said before- satisfies both the sender and the receiver


There are 8 variants of these gift cards. But, let’s elaborate upon three specific Walmart card types other than the 8 gift cards. They are: “covid-19“.

  • Walmart Visa Gift Card- Lets you load money once. Best for a gift card

  • Walmart Money Card- Lets you shop in-store and online with offers to deposit money and save from the cashback, and can be used repeatedly.

  • Walmart Credit Card- You can shop without worrying about making instant payments for a long period. It needs to be applied for and you would have an account for the credit card.

Sunpass Login : Login Prepaid Toll Program


Capital One is the company that offers Walmart Credit Cards. Let’s see how you can keep track of your credit card transactions.

Steps to create an account on Capital One:

  1. Go to the official website of Capital One

  2. Click “Set up Online Access”.

  3. Type in your required details.

  4. Click “Get Started”.

Now, you can simply use the official website of Capital One to get information on your Walmart Credit Card.

NOTE: Download the Capital One Mobile App and get quicker access with offers of redeeming your rewards online. “covid-19


This card offers better money management for all Walmart shoppers. Few services offered by the Walmart Money Card are:

  1. Cashback rewards.

  2. ASAP Direct Deposits and early payment.

  3. Opportunities to order debit accounts for your family.

  4. There is no overdraft fee or monthly fee.

Above all this, you get to keep track and manage your usage through the Walmart money card app.


You are eligible to check your visa gift card balance at any Walmart register, or by visiting a website of the company, or you can simply call on the Walmart phone number with the Automated Phone System. Later, you’ll be reading about the ways to check Walmart gift card balance.


There 3 different ways to check Walmart gift card balance- online, local stores, and customer support service.

Steps to check Walmart gift card balance online:

  1. Go to Walmart’s official webpage> Click the “Check Your Walmart Gift Card Balance” link.

  2. Feed-in 16-digit card number and 4-digit pin code> Click “Get Card Balance”.

Steps to check Walmart gift card balance in local stores:

  1. Go to your web browser and look for your nearest Walmart store.

  2. Go to the store> Ask the counter staff to help you with checking your balance.

Steps to check Walmart gift card balance on Walmart Customer Support:

  1. Call on the Walmart Customer Support number.

  2. Carefully listen and take appropriate action

  3. Enter the correct extension number

  4. Type in your 16-digit card number and wait for the response


This is different than Walmart’s in-house gift cards. The value of your vanilla gift card will never expire, and it allows partial payment (in most places). Much like having an idea about your Walmart gift card balance, it is a good idea to keep a track of your vanilla gift card balance by registering yourself on the website mentioned on the back of your card so that you never face issues at the time of check-out. But again you are allowed to make partial payments.