vtext.com Spam | Spammers/Phishers Using vtext.com

vtext.com Spam | Spammers/Phishers Using vtext.com

I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this before, but I received a text this morning from xx**********@vt***.com telling me to call yyy-yyy-yyyy.  Since I don’t generally get a lot of calls from outside of my own area code (and even fewer text messages), and my phone isn’t in the 407 area code, I thought it prudent to do a bit of research into who this “person” was that wanted me to call them.


A quick Google search later and a look at the comments from a few different sites gave me all the info I needed to confirm that this is a phishing attempt.

Apparently, the number indicated in the text message is answered by an auto-attendant that indicates that some form of restriction has been placed on your debit card, and then asks you for your debit card number.  To add to the suspicion, the auto-attendant apparently doesn’t provide any sort of identification as to who it is you just called.

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Spammers/Phishers Using vtext.com

Obviously I’m not going to provide my debit card number to anyone that won’t tell me who they are, can’t verify that they are who they are, isn’t someone I already trust, and who’s so obviously just phishing for my information.

The sad thing is, I know that there may be some people who are taken in by this scheme, so I wanted to share the information I’ve found with as many of you as possible.  From everything I can tell, this is some spammer who is likely spoofing the @vtext.com domain to send out their phishing messages so that they look “legit”.

Please be just as careful about what you receive via text messages as you would be with an e-mail message.  There are, unfortunately, people out there who would rather put their efforts into scamming other people than into actually providing a respectable contribution to society.

1 Solution

Log into your MyVerizon account online and use the service blocks to block all text messages from the web.

They wouldn’t necessarily need to know your cell number; it could be robotexts.  You can forward spam texts to 7726 and reply to the return text you receive from Verizon.

If you want to block them, log into your on-line MyVerizon account, click the blue More Actions under I Want To, then under Safety and Security, click the blue Block Internet Spam.  Put a check next to Block All Text Messages Sent From the Web and Block All Text Messages Sent From Email and click Apply.

If you have received the messages above or something similar, please do not respond or follow the instructions in them. And, never send money in order to receive a lottery or promotion because this is how lottery scammers trick their victims into sending them money.