Virtual Reward Center Activate : Activate

Virtual Reward Center Activate : Activate

The Virtual Reward Center offers solutions that provide instant fulfillment, value, selection and reliability for your rewards.

You can use your card to make purchases at any US-based merchant that accepts Visa® or MasterCard® debit cards. Some restrictions apply. If you have a virtual Visa or MasterCard, your card can be used at online merchants as well as for catalog and telephone orders.  If you have a plastic Visa or MasterCard, your card can be used at both online and at retail locations.

The Virtual Reward Center was contracted by a third-party company to provide you with a reward. Some examples would be if you recently participated in a survey, instant-win, sweepstakes or other consumer rebate. If you’re still unsure as to why you’re receiving this reward, contact our Customer Service team by clicking on the help link provided on this page. The Customer Service team will be able to provide you with specific information relating to the reward in question.

How do I activate my card?

If you received your card with an activation sticker on the front, simply call the phone number on the sticker and follow the instructions. If you do not have an activation sticker on the front of your card, your card is already activated and ready to use.
All transactions that you make with your card are available for viewing online. Click on the Card Image view your complete transaction history, including payments and spend activity. There is also an option to print your transaction details.

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How do I set or change my PIN?

Call 1-877-448-3970 to select your PIN. To keep your card balance secure, you must protect the confidentiality of your PIN. If you forget your PIN or believe that your PIN is no longer secure, contact Customer Service immediately.
We advise against writing your PIN on your card or keeping a notation of your PIN with your card. You are responsible for the protection of your PIN and you will not be able to recover funds lost as a result of unauthorized use of your PIN.

How do I redeem my reward?

Follow the link that you received in your Inbox, or that was provided by your Program Sponsor. Each link contains detailed instructions for instantly redeeming your online reward.

How do I register my reward?

Most rewards are redeemable without registration, however some rewards do require additional registration information to continue. Follow the on-screen instructions that are displayed after clicking the reward link you received in your Inbox, or from your Program Sponsor. The Virtual Reward Center respects your concerns about privacy and value the relationship we have with you. Please visit our Privacy Policy to learn more about the measures we take to protect your information.