Unable to play movies on Amazon Video on Demand or Amazon Instant Video in high definition (HD)

Check the following if the movies and programs available on Amazon Video on Demand or Amazon Instant Video cannot be played in high definition (HD).

  • Make sure that your Sony Android TV has the most recent system software .
  • Make sure the movie or program that you are watching is an HD content.NOTE: Each HD movies or programs should have the letters HD located in the upper left corner of the movie icon displayed in the Amazon movie catalog.Amazon movie catalog
  • Make sure that the Internet connection speed is sufficient to play HD videos.NOTES:
    • In the playback screen, the HD icon in the lower left corner will remain grayed out when the Internet connection speed is too slow to playback HD videos.
      HD icon grayed out
    • The HD icon turns white bold when the Internet connection speed is sufficient for the HD image quality.
      HD icon bold
    • When the content is in standard definition (SD), the HD icon will not be displayed in the playback screen.
      no HD icon

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