Code Hub: How to set up TVision HUB device Code Hub: How to set up TVision HUB device

Take your TVision experience to the big screen with TVision HUB—an Android-powered HDMI device that connects to your home Wi-Fi and plugs right into your TV. In addition to the TVision app, you can add Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and all your other favorite apps. The TVision HUB allows for universal searching across all your apps, so it’s easy to find the content you want.


It also supports over 8,000 applications with dedicated remote keys, Google Assistant for live and recorded content, and shortcuts built into the home screen.


How is it different than Apple TV, Fire Stick, Roku, etc.?

TVision HUB runs on Android TV and allows you to connect all your favorite streaming apps, including the TVision app, in one place. It includes full access to Google Assistant voice control features for searching, reminders, and smart home device control. TVision HUB also supports Bluetooth connectivity for headphones, as well as controllers for games from the Google Play Store, and other cloud gaming applications.

How do I set up TVision HUB?

You can set up TVision HUB by following these steps:

    1. To connect to your TV, plug your TVision HUB into any open HDMI port.
    2. Plug the USB cable provided (small end) into the TVision HUB and plug the adapter into a power outlet or an available USB input on your TV.
    3. If your TVision HUB doesn’t receive power from your TV’s USB input, or if your TV doesn’t have a USB input, plug the USB cable provided (small end) into the TVision HUB, and plug the adapter into a power outlet.
    4. Open the back of the remote and insert the batteries.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your remote.
    6. Follow the instructions on your screen to finish setup (including connecting to your home Wi-Fi) and device activation.

Do I need a TVision subscription to use the TVision HUB?

No, a TVision subscription is not required to use TVision HUB—it will function as a standalone device for customers to enjoy streaming, gaming, and music applications outside of a TVision subscription. However, you do need a subscription to watch any TVision services with the TVision HUB.

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