The New Most OREO OREO Limited Edition Cookies-N-Creme The OREO Most OREO OREO" />

The New Most OREO OREO Limited Edition Cookies-N-Creme

The New Most OREO OREO Limited Edition Cookies-N-Creme

The OREO Most OREO OREO Sandwich Cookies are the classic, original snack cookies you’ve always known and loved, but with the unforgettable twist of cookies-n-creme flavor creme you never knew you wanted. These cookies and creme flavored OREO cookies are full of themselves. Literally.


Each kosher OREO cookie is filled with extra layers of OREO Cookies-N-Creme, making them supremely dunkable and delicious. Dunk into the OREOVERSE with the brand’s most playful cookie yet by scanning the code on the pack. Explore all six tasty levels as you twist stuf, dunk stuf, uncover stuff and more. Chocolate sandwich cookies are great for sharing with friends, serving at your next party or enjoying with a glass of cold milk. Cookies and cream flavored OREO cookies also make great work snacks.

With OREOiD, you can customize your own OREO cookies, gifts and more.


The cookie has chocolate wafers stuffed with a cookies and cream filling that is thicker than the filling in Double Stuf Oreos and Mega Oreos.

The Most Oreo Oreos will be available in stores starting this week.

Supporting the introduction of Oreo’s new interactive Meta OREOVERSE experience. The site boasts a whopping $50,000 in prizes, including the ability to “play many levels of cookie-themed games and receive the chance to win wonderfully surprising goodies.” They may even meet Martha Stewart, who is an official OREOVERSE ambassador and who will be sharing her own replay of the virtual experience.


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Starting today, fans can dunk into the OREOVERSE in Meta Horizon Worlds using their Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets, or via mobile phones or desktop computers by visiting On Monday, January 30 at 10:00am ET, OREO invites fans to tune in @OREO on Facebook or @OREO on Instagram to watch Martha’s OREOVERSE excursion.

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What is the OREOverse?

The OREOVERSE is an interactive, digital world where you can play with OREO – either in virtual reality or on a mobile/desktop device. Inspired by OREO’s newest and most playful Limited Edition, The Most OREO OREO, fans can explore all six levels of the OREOVERSE as they twist stuf, dunk stuf, uncover stuf, and more. OREO’s most playful cookie ever, twisted open the most playful world ever! Incredible stuf awaits!

How do I access the OREOverse?

a. If you are 18 or older and based in the U.S., Canada, or other supported countries you can visit the OREOverse via Meta Horizon Worlds. Start with a Meta Quest, Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset and download the free Horizon Worlds app. Once in the Horizon Worlds app, follow the below steps…

  1. Press the hamburger button (3 lines) on your left controller or turn your left wrist and select the three-line icon from the Personal Menu, and then select the pin icon (worlds), toward the bottom.
  2. Select the magnifying glass icon (in the upper-right hand corner)
  3. Use the virtual keyboard to search for “OREOverse”
  4. Click the picture to travel to the world. Note, when the user first launches into Horizon Worlds, it will bring the user to their home and a menu board pops up with the “worlds” pin selected by default

b. You can also access the OREOverse on your desktop or mobile device by going to OREOVERSE.OREO.COM.

Do I need a Meta account to play?

a. As with all Horizon Worlds experiences, to access the OREOverse in Meta Horizon Worlds, fans are required to log in with a Meta account and create a Horizon profile.

b. Fans can also experience the OREOVERSE via desktop or mobile web. Head to or scan the QR code on a pack of The Most OREO OREO cookies to learn more!

What are the prizes for this promotion?

There is one (1) $50,000 sweepstakes prize.

Instant win prizes include:

  • Virtual Reality Headset and OREO product
  • A Next Gen Game Console and OREO product
  • Wireless Headphones with Case and OREO product
  • OREO branded t-shirt and OREO product
  • Wireless Power Bank Charger and OREO product
  • $25 OREO promo code