The first gameplay clip from Battlefield 2042 has been released: Best way to see the Initial Gameplay Reveal

Battlefield 2042

The first gameplay clip from Battlefield 2042 has been released:


Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage has been leaked on Twitter just before of Xbox and Bethesda’s E3 2021 unveiling – here’s a quick look.

E3 2021 showcase

Here’s a heads-up for all those gamers eagerly anticipating the start of the E3 2021 showcase: You can begin the celebrations even before the official E3 2021 date and time is released! Yes, the E3 2021 demonstration is only a few hours away, but a small video published on Twitter gives you a sneak glance at Battlefield 2042 gameplay.

Battlefield 2042

Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE released the highly anticipated Battlefield 2042 earlier this week. On October 22, the first-person shooter will be released for PC and platforms. According to the E3 2021 agenda, the first gameplay footage of Battlefield 2042 will be presented at the ongoing conference during Xbox and Bethesda’s showcase later tonight at 10:30 p.m.

The Battlefield 2042 theme depicts a bleak future in which sea levels are rising and the globe is on the verge of environmental and economic catastrophe. To preserve the Earth from its imminent catastrophe, the troops will have to fight. Players will be able to use drones, wingsuits, and quadruped robot wingsuits in Battlefield 2042. There will also be modern jets and tanks on display. Players in Battlefield 2042 will fight for technological advancement as well as gather resources and land across India, South Korea, Singapore, Qatar, and Antarctica. Activate : and Enter The Activation Code

First Gameplay Clip from Battlefield 2042

Players could use the compass to quickly transmit opponent locations to their unit. Because of the large scale of the new maps, the compass would be extremely useful. It’ll be interesting to see whether this feature makes it into the final game, and whether there’s a way to turn it on at all times.

Live stream, Start time, and what to anticipate from Xbox and Bethesda at E3 2021

A red icon denoting their Specialist class and in-game name showed above opposing players’ heads when they were aiming at them up close. This feature appeared to activate when the player was around 10-20 metres away from the target and displayed the distance between the player and their opponent. The Assault Specialist was represented by an up chevron symbol, whereas the Engineer Specialist was represented by a traditional wrench.

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